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What’s Good On Tv!

For the first time in three years I’ve resubscribed to cable and have discovered exactly what it is I’ve been missing.  This fall is full of dramas, cheap and creative reality tv, and the joys of sitcoms, not to mention all sorts of new shows to explore.

In the drama category we’ve got old shows like Hous, Heroes, and Stargate Atlantis returning with newbie The Sarah Connor Chronicles making a very large splash in the Fall season opener pool.  New shows like Sci-Fi’s Sanctuary and the return of Lost are also building a high anticipation for the rest of this tv year.

The Sitcoms are blowing up with The Office rocking again this year and the return of Scrubs Season 8 on ABC highly anticipated.

Reality TV good and bad has been overwhelming the tube.  Shows like Bravo’s Top Design, Project Runway and the return of Top Chef leave much to be excited about.  Disovery’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe just started another season, and no one ever tires of Mythbusters.  LA Ink, Criss Angel Mindfreak, and Dog The Bountry Hunter are still going strong, while Sci-Fi offers new series like Destination Truth

Hopefully there will be a return of Dexter

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