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The Toronto After Dark Film Festival @ The Film Reel

August 20, 2009

TADlinkThe Film Reel has been working diligently at reviewing the films showing at The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, or TAD. Here is a list of the reviews thus far. I highly recommend checking this site out:

TADFF Reviews – Must Love Death and Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

TADFF Reviews – Someone’s Knocking at the Door and Heart of Karl

TADFF Reviews – The Children and Lobotomobile

TADFF Reviews – Strigoi and Fallow

TADFF Reviews – Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl and Blackheads

TADFF Reviews – The Revenant and Bad Roommate

TADFF Reviews – Dead Snow and Deadwalkers

TADFF Reviews – The Warlords and 0 (zero)

Q&A with Black Dynamite Director Scott Sanders, Finally!


The Vampire Film Festival

August 20, 2009

vampire film festivalThe 2009 Vampire Film Series & Festival returns home.

New Orleans – Autumn 2009

The mission of the Vampire Film Festival is to showcase the artistry of filmmakers who work in this supernatural genre, to further the mythology and lore of vampires and share it with the mortal world.

Here is a review of the film:

Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries Part I (2008)

It has been submitted and needs votes, so if all my loyal readers could go to the website and help support this innovative vampire flick that would be brilliant.  Just go to:

The 2009 Vampire Film Festival

and place your rating and vote!

For more information on Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries go to THE OFFICIAL SITE!

Top Ten Lists At Movie Mobsters

August 20, 2009

Mob Top Tens*Top Ten “Guy Flicks” Chicks Like

*Top Ten Overrated Films

*Top Ten Actors Working Today

*Top Ten Gangster Movies

*Top Ten Cinematic Serial Killers

* Top Ten Coming Of Age Movies

* Top Ten Fantasy Films

* Top Ten Awesomely Bad Movies

* Top Ten Vampire Movies

* Top Ten Best Animated Character’s

* Top Ten Bromances

* Top Ten “Chick Flicks” Guys Like

*Top Ten “Chick Flicks”

mobs father*Top Ten Of 2008

* Top Ten Movie Robots

*Top Ten Post Apocalyptic Movies

*40 Greatest Movie Death Scenes

* Must Underrated Actresses In Film

*Most Underrated Actors In Film

Star Trek Links!

June 5, 2009

starship enterpriseHere’s some information and contrasting reviews about JJ Abrams new Star Trek, but also it’s future in cinema:

Star Trek: Heather’s Review

Star Trek: Marc’s Review

To Boldly Go-Where?

100 Best Character’s In Film Of All Time!

June 5, 2009

100-81: Part 1

100) Shrek
99) The Crow
98) The Drunken Master
97) Wall-E
96) John Malkovich
95) Morpheus
94) Penny Lane
93) Billy Madison
92) Wolverine
91) Blade
90) Brodie Bruce
89) Doc Holiday
88) Dr. Evil
87) Mary Poppins
86) Han Solo
85) Anne Of Green Gables
84) Mr. Pink
83) Annie Hall
82) Achilles
81) Forrest Gump

80-61: Part 2

80) Ray “Bones” Barboni
79) The Genie
78) R2D2
77) Turkish
76) Leonidas
75) Garth Algar
74) Freddy Krueger
73) The Bride
72) Al Czervik
71) Dorothy Gale
70) Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont
69) Buzz Lightyear
68) The Velociraptors and T-Rex
67) Veruca Salt
66) Rocky
65) Vida Boheme
64) Voldemort
63) T-1000
62) Denton Van Zan
61) Gandalf

60-41: Part 3

60) Captain Quint
59) Wilma “Deanie” Lommis
58) Vito Corleone
57) Red
56) Inigo Montoya
55) Axel Foley
54) Jason Bourne
53) Catwoman
52) The Wicked Witch Of The West
51) Frank TJ Mackey
50) Blanche DuBois
49) Katsumoto
48) Sofia
47) The Joker (Jack Nicholson)
46) Travis Bickle
45) Gordon Gekko
44) Martin Riggs
43) Derek Vinyard
42) Catherine Tramell
41) Maximus

40-21: Part 4

40) Drop Dead Fred
39) Jeffrey Goines
38) The “Dude” or Jeff Lebowski
37) Sara Goldfarb
36) Michael Corleone
35) Beetlejuice
34) Captain Kirk
33) Col. Nathan Jessup
32) Rose Sayer
31) Butch Cassidy
30) Edward Scissorhands
29) The Joker (Heath Ledger)
28) Riddick
27) James Bond
26) Captain Jack Sparrow
25) Chili Palmer
24) Yoda
23) Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lector
22) Raoul Duke/Hunter S. Thompson
21) Lestat de Lioncourt

20-1: Part 5

20) Ferris Bueller
19) Dory
18) Scarlett O’Hara
17) Jareth: The Goblin King
16) Sarah Connor
15) Alex DeLarge
14) Norman Bates
13) Lestor Burnham
12) Stanley Kowalsk
11) Annie Wilkes
10) Gollum/Smeagal
9) Dr. Ian Malcolm
8 ) Tommy DeVito
7) Darth Vader
6) Jules Winnfield
5) Dr. Gonzo/ Oscar Z. Acosta
4) Patrick Bateman
3) Indiana Jones
2) Ellen Ripley
1) Tyler Durden

New Robin Hood?

March 10, 2009

russell_ridley1I’ll be honest.  I was pretty content with what happened in the nineties with Costner and his Robin Hood. While there was no English accent, there was an amazing Alan Rickman, and one of the best action-adventure romance stories of all time.  I can’t say I’m exploding with excitement to hear that a new one is being made until………

Ridley Scott

Russell Crowe

Cate Blanchett

Apparently, Crowe and Scott are the official new Bonnie and Clyde.  What can I say?  I will blindly follow Ridley Scott in whatever venture he pursues.  Here is some more info on the new ROBIN HOOD.

Ghosthunters: New Season

March 5, 2009

ghosthuntersA new season of the original Ghosthunters or TAPS begins March 11th and I can’t wait.  International has been rocking out new episodes but it just isn’t the same as what Grant and Jason have to offer.  At first International seemed even more appealing with it’s exotic locations and exciting histories, but it falls a very distant second, a time passer even, next to the original scene.

It wasn’t clear to me how important the actual group themselves makes a difference but it plays a huge part in the watchability.    The leader of International, Rob, is the guy you’d meet in the bar who would try and be smooth, but really comes off as desperate.  He has this same feeling on the show, along with Dustin, and the new girl Angela.  Brandi, while permanently congested and Barry are great.  Barry’s jumpy and easily startled nature often incites eye rolling but he is an entertaining good investigator none-the-less.  It was a relief to say good bye to Andy at the end of last season.  There is just an awkward feel to the group that doesn’t have the same intimacy or connection the TAPS team has.  It actually feels like it’s a job to the International group.

I still like the International investigations, one in the Phillipines is actually one of my favorite of all time, but what I get really excited about is TAPS whether they find something cool or not.  So woo-hoo for Ghosthunters 2009.