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Best Movies Of 2008

January 13, 2009
This top ten list is based on the 35-40 flicks I saw this year.  There were a few big ones I missed out on, so they may be added upon a further date.  As of today this is my list, where action movies reigned proud.  Some of my choices may be up for debate, but the number one film of the year is clear.  Read on and enjoy!  

10. Rambo

John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) returns to us in this fourth installation of his life. This time around he is living a quiet life on the Burmese river collecting rare snakes for a man that has a snake charming show. His life takes a turn when he is asked to take a Christian relief group down the dangerous river, into the violent Burma, and drop them off. Though he initially declines, after the earnest begging of Sarah (Julie Benz), he is convinced to take them anyway. It isn’t long before the man in charge of the missionary seeks Rambo out with the news that the group has gone missing. Rambo agrees to take mercenaries to the location where he dropped the missionaries off, but soon finds himself compelled to search and destroy as well.  For more click here.


9. Twilight


As a film that has been translated from adolescent novella to the big screen, Twilight was an exceptional success, but it also stood on it’s own as a very intriguing teen film that had appeal to an audience beyond the young adult consensus group.  Having read the complete collection of the “Twilght” stories the film smartly followed what made it’s novel version such a gigantic achievement.  It attained all the qualities of the characters, the setting, and the plot itself that made the story compelling.  With direct lines from the story and actors that visually mirrored the description Stephenie Meyers so heart-fully described, the Twilight film became a wonderful adaptation of a now beloved story. For more click here!


8. Stargate: Continuum


Stargate Continuum was another success from my point of view in the Stargate DVD movie collection verse.  That being said, I’m going to get my major criticism immediately out of the way.  The Ark Of Truth did an excellent job closing up SG-1’s tenth season cliffhangers, but also evolving it on a much larger scale than a regular two part episode, but as BIG as Martin Wood promised Continuum to be, it simply wasn’t.  It had all the feeling and best elements of a season three or four finale episode but it never translated into feature film epic.  This is not an out and out complaint, but it was a little bit dejecting because it was built up so much by the director, producers, and Stargate community.  That icky little criticism aside Continuum made for an nostalgic return to days of early SG-1. For more click here!
 7.  Horton Hears a Who
 A kind of goofy elephant named Horton (Jim Carrey) in the jungle of Newl discovers a fantastical thing one morning during his ritual swim.  It’s a spec that seems to be talking.  The sweet elephant is determined to communicate with the voices he heard on the spec.  Little does he know an entire world of it’s own exists called Whoville.  In contrast the Mayor of Whoville is unaware that his entire community is tiny tiny and lives on a spec.  It isn’t long before he begins to suspect that things have gone slightly awry and finds himself talking through a pipe to a giant elephant named Horton who is carrying the spec on a flower with the intentions to put the city somewhere safe.  But both Horton and the Mayor find their goals being thwarted by a Kangaroo (Carol Burnett) and a mean councilman (Dan Fogler)  who are determined to stop them. for more read here!
 6. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan
 Adam Sandler is back.  You Don’t Mess With Zohan is the first comedy he’s made in years that has any likeness to the vulgar and shocking comedy of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.  The past few years it seems he’s focused more on the sweeter side doing films like Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, Click, Eight Crazy Nights, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which simply just were sub-par to the gentle hearted comedy of The Wedding Singer.  You Don’t Mess With Zohan incorporates an off-kilter dialect that is silly as his Waterboy and Little Nicky interpretations yet have an undeniable sweetness in it’s creation.  For more read here!
 5. Definitely, Maybe
 It was a breath of fresh air to watch a film about relationships and life that wasn’t all about corny predictably romantic beats and happy endings.  It was a realistic journey threw the eyes of a man who’s life had changed drastically from his hopes and dreams leaving college with a collage of failed relationships.  His divorce and his daughter caught in the middle is the driving force for this reflective peek into what once was and what was lost over the years.  While some of memories are borderline dark and depressing the story itself manages to keep an upbeat positive feel that often offers a good chuckle in between romance and heartbreaks, without being awkward or forced, like a lot of films in this genre. For more read here!

4. Cloverfield



Cloverfield was a monster movie like one you’ve never seen before. The entire film is shot from a first person camera and the entire feel of the movie retains that personal affect. The movie begins with a man video taping central park at 6:42 a.m. from the apartment of his girlfriends father. He claims it’s going to be a good day. There is interchange between the couple that suggests an obvious affection and then the camera is shut off. The next shot brings us to a new couple preparing for a going away party of sorts, and soon it becomes clear that they are taping over the tape that had previously recorded the couple and their day at Coney Island. The next twenty minutes or so are spent developing and establishing relationships between the people when suddenly the entire building shakes. After a mysterious news bulletin, it’s obvious that the quake is not local to them, but all of Manhattan. In a panic people crowd the streets in a fury when an all too familiar cloud of smoke floods the streets followed the head of the Statue Of Liberty. When more debris begins to come people seek shelter until it’s seems to pass, and run outside to see what has happened to their beloved city. The rest of the movie after this is followed by one beat after another that builds on the previous event, maximizing the amount of suspense and intensity of each individual event.  For more read here!


3. Iron Man


Why are some movies of the Superhero Genre so well received compared to others?  What drives Spiderman 1 and 2, Batman Begins,  X-Men 1 and 2 to heights of critical, financial and the most hard won of all, core fan success? That question, and what I believe to be a common answer spread out across all of these films came to me while I was watching Iron Man.  What is it?  Characters.  Three dimensional, fleshed out characters.  Not just the basic chess pieces moved from square to square in service of the plot, but well written, well acted, well directed people inhabiting a story which JUST HAPPENS to include supernatural and or science fiction elements.  If the delivery of them is flawed, if the audience is not able to identify and relate to the people involved no amount of Special Effects, no strict adherence to character back stories will mean a damn.  It’s in that area of characterization that Iron Man puts it’s efforts first – foremost – and for the length of the film. For more of Marc’s review click here!


2. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull


I admit the first scene left me a bit concerned and nervous.  It was a little off putting, the character’s unfamiliar, and our aged Ford seeming a little less like his normal dauntless adventurer.  Also were the worries advertised by the critic naysayers that claimed it was too Sci-Fi with the alien theme.  I will promise those concerns were immediately dismissed.  The first three films were themed with the occult and paranormal activity and the myth of the skull and even it’s gargantuan climax was more geared toward the original three’s mysticism rather than science fiction and aliens.  Rumours of that are simply fiction.  Spielburg even denied Lucas’s request to put more science fictionesque stuff in the film.  I assure you this film is not exactly in the same category as it’s predecessors, but it contains the same dynamics’s, feel, and heart of the original Indy’s. For more READ HERE!


1. The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight certainly lived up to it’s hype with an action packed story, enigmatic and perplexing characters, and undertones that leave chills twisting down your spine.  The brilliant script and direction of Christopher Nolan shines through with a film that balances action, crime, the very nature of good and evil while still maintaining it’s comic book genre.  It blows what other comic movies have tried to do out of the water, they aren’t even in the same category.  The internal struggles of the character’s and desperation of the choices each makes is the catalyst for the story. For more READ HERE!

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