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The Donkey Reigns Over……….

November 5, 2008
Lefties Are Back In Control……
Well Ick.  In general for me. Teehee.  On a serious note, the Republican Party has ruled the house for enough years now that a balance is clearly in order.  I’m not overwhelmed by the idea of a Dem majority, in fact a lot of the fiscal policies that McCain and his crew were going to implement weren’t a far cry from what Obama’s people will be striving to do.  It will just be considerably more drastic.  So that aspect I’m not completely offended by.  I think a lot of people got caught up in McCain being a Bush duplicate and listening to nonsensical propaganda in that category.  McCain is far from Bush, and frankly I’ve never really liked the man, though over the years he’s earned my respect.  I think he would have been an excellent cross-over between the parties.  He truly is a liberal conservative and unfortunately in his campaign he seemed to slip into a lot of hard right dogma.  I think he would have had a greater chance if he would have stuck to his guns a bit more.

In any case, I’ve never liked McCain, but I trust him as much as one can trust a politician.  On the other hand I find Obama to be incredibly likable, but I don’t trust a word he says.  In that case, now that he is our president I hope I’m wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.  If it will benefit our country, I will scream gleefully to the universe that I was totally off. 

Taxes were going to be raised no matter who was elected, and there is no money for any of the funding Obama or McCain tried to claim they would start all these new programs with.  Obama’s main challenge in his presdiency at this point is to clean up the mess of our economy.  It is a mountain of Everest heights to conquer, and I don’t pretend to think there will be any easy choices for him when he gets there.  Good Luck to him, because it would be an monstrous job for anyone.  I just hope he fixes the problem.  I also hope people are prepared for their taxes to sky rocket.  And I’m sorry but it won’t just be 250k and up.  Try more along the lines of 40k.  It won’t happen tomorrow, but it is an eventual truth.

I’m pretty pleased with the amount of people that actually voted around here.  It was actually quite exciting.  A lot of people had no idea why they were voting for their candidate, but they voted anyway and that’s better than the people who sit at home and armchair quarterback.  The same little old lady checks me in for each election.  Don’t know how that keeps working out, but she always tells me my name is pretty in her soft maternal voice, and then I feel compelled to call her grandma. Teehee. 

So……yes…….I’m apprehensive about our future as a country in a million ways, and sure I’m disappointed but that’s life.  I’m approaching the future with some optimism and hope that Obama’s GOOD change is coming.  At least proposal one and two passed.  Go ahead and ostrasize me for that one, but I voted yes on both.  What am I talking about? Most people in my age demographic voted for Obama and yes on One.  So at least I’m a 50/50 in my peer grouping.

May the force be with everyone and congratulations to those that voted for Obama! 

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  1. sandysays1 permalink
    November 5, 2008 11:17 am

    If you’re disappointed about the results of the election visit my blog
    You don’t have to be.

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