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Michael Crichton Passes Away……

November 5, 2008

crichtonOne of my greatest inspirations for writing, and thinking in general, has always been linked to Michael Crichton.  His extraordinary way to implement science, entertainment, and the very nature of man in such an eloquent way is still dumbfounding to me.  Each time I reread his novels I find myself astounded at how much they have to offer, and then I find that I’m rendered even more shocked by how entertained and intellectually stimulated I equally was.  All of his novels seem to ring true on this frequency.

His speeches, articles, and even the exerts he occassionally wrote for playboy all had the same conception that so many of us have been lucky enough to partake in.  His vision.  Truly reading anything he wrote, listening to him speak, or the simplicity of seeing a brilliant idea of  his develop into something magnanimous (ER was his creation) was almost a portal into his mind.  Seeing the world through fresh eyes.  I’ve read a ridiculous amount of fiction, non ficiton, in every genre imaginable, and I’ve never seen as clearly as I have through Michael Crichtons eyes.  The way he saw the world was so very different, and so incredibly brilliant that I think it will be eons before the rest of us can honestly catch up with him.

To find that he passed away unexpectadly yesterday is simply crushing to me.  It seems he’s been fighting a losing battle to cancer for sometime.  He kept this battle private, and at the spry age of 66 he died.  I feel an emptyness inside that I can’t explain.  It feels like our universe has lost a voice so important and poignant that we’ll never get it back.  Though he’s still apart of us, and immortal in his thoughts and writing, his life as he was is now gone, and it aches to know he won’t return.

I was 12 years old when i read two books that changed my life.  Jurassic Park and Interview With The Vampire.  I had always been a reader, but to no surprise I read each of these novels over a summer inspired by their film version and was sold by both Anne Rice and Michael Crichton.  I immediately got caught up in the romance and poetry of Rice’s writing and only later reverted back to reading everything Crichton I could get my greedy hands on.  The philosophy and delectable unknowing of our existence and world, mixed with suspense became like a drug to me, as has been ever since.  It was Crichton, Rice, and Shakespeare that inspired me to write, and for that I will be forever grateful to them.  Two are down and only Anne Rice is left, who is also in her sixties.

Thank you for everything you’ve ever given me MC.  It is a gift that continues to give.  Whatever existence you have now, I hope you finally get to understand the universe.

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