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Kenley Is Out!

October 16, 2008

Thank the stars!  Last night Season Five on Project Runway had it’s finale, and the queen of obnoxious whining and excuses was finally told she wasn’t the winner.  There is no question in my mind she was kept around for as long as she was because she brought drama to the show, but in the same breath, she also brought a huge amount of disrespect for some of the most regarded names in the fashion biz.

First of all, with the final three contestants, Kenley was obviously out of her element.  Korto’s line of bright and vivacious African and cultural influenced dresses was spectacular and brilliantly tailored, while Leanne’s innovative wave inspired line was breathtaking and simply divine.  Both of their executions were beyond words.  Kenley with her over the top prints, strange fabric integrations, and apparent knock offs, not too mention the inability to once again take any criticism and to at 25 deem herself the all knowing of the fashion business, even offering Diane Von Furtensburg the insight to put more “color” in her line, finally caught up with her.  Perhaps two, maybe three, of her final ten dresses were at all compelling, the rest looked like something the Joker would be flaunting.

Regardless of her lack of talent, her attitude was just unfathomable throughout the series, laughing when fellow designers were being criticized, cutting everyone else down, but being completely unable to take any herself, and essentially alienating herself from everyone, only to blame it on a childhood “toughness”.  Perhaps she wouldn’t have spent her life fighting if she felt the need to to be kind now and again, and have some humbleness and humility.

In the end, the best designer truly did win.  I would have been just as satisfied if Korto won though and it certainly would have been a more interesting runway if Jerell had been able to offer his line instead of Kenley, but the satisfaction of the best and most creative fashion forward designer winning is gratifying enough.   Gotta love Project Runway.  Au Revior Kenley!  Your loss was almost as entertaining as Leanne’s win.

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