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Lego Batman

October 14, 2008

It has arrived with much anticipation after it’s predecessors Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Has it surpassed it’s elders or is it a weak attempt to carry on the phenomenon of Lego funsies?  I have not fully beaten the game yet, though am at least 70% into it at this point and believe it’s fair to say, it’s not quite as good as IJ or SW but it certainly is fun! 

The difference is it doesn’t follow to plotlines of it’s feature films as Indiana Jones and Star Wars did. and that to me was a definate negative.  Part of the joy and fun of the Lucas films was knowing what part of the story was coming next and actually being able to play threw those beloved movie moments.  Of course, always with a tongue in cheek.  Batman didn’t emote those strong movieplex moments, but it certainly did strike up it’s own original plot of nostalgia.

What is epically cool about Lego Batman is it stayed true to the comics and Adam West television characters.  There is no Danny Devito Peguin or Heath Ledger Joker, in fact the only character that resembles it’s film representation is Michelle Pfieffers Catwoman, which makes more sense for Lego creation.  Ultimately, you get to play the characters it their truest form and with the heart in which they were created.

Lego Batman also offers another original perspective and that is playing the game from the villains perspective.  Three storylines are heros and three for the villains.  In essence, it’s just plain smooth to be able to play to story as both the good guy and bad guy.

I find Lego Batman to be a success.  What Lego games are in the future I don’t know, but hopefully more to come.  It’s challenging enough for an adult to take on, but youthful and fun enough that my five year old and I can play it together seamlessly.

For some excellent walkthroughs to help threw those tricksy parts or to search for those canisters you can’t seem to find try Luna Bean and Lego Cheats.

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