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Heroes: Villains (The Second Coming)

September 23, 2008

Last night Heros premieres after a long awaited break, and the adventure became a relentless array of confusion and change.  As usual it’s difficult to determine who is good and who is bad, as all the character’s are constantly manifesting, but this season premiere made monstrosous changes in Peter Petrelli, Mohinder, Hiro, and who we knew as Nikki Sanders.

In the first five minutes we are given the identity of Nathan’s assailiant, but it becomes no less confusing or disturbing as the story behind the assailiant continues to unfold in a future changing way.  The change of Nathan makes his character become even more conflicting and complicated and his future that much more unpredictable when his surrounding supporters stem from the darker side.

Hiro once again searching for trouble and finding it finds himself in a position even his future seeking trouble making character is shocked by.  I think testing the relationship of his closest ally with him makes for a great challenge to his character for the future, and it foreshadows the darker side of Hiro we saw in other possible futures.

Mohinders challenge and change was probably the most interesting.  Let’s be honest, his character’s choice in this episode does seem rash and off balance, but also inevitable.  His continued failures were a time bomb ready to go off, and while moment that he made his change didn’t seem neccessarily honest with his character to that point, it was still plausible and the manifestation into the made scientist going Mr. Hyde was no surprise, but it certainly was exhilarating.

Poor Claire.  She is no doubt “the light” the good that Hiro’s father decribed, but ever so keenly as Sylar pointed out, Claire has no clue how special she is and has no idea what she is capable of.  The questions of what makes her different from the rest and what will be her fate again seem to be the nucleus of the show.  The seeming normalcy of Claire coupled with her assumed immortality makes a compelling gravatational character and storyline.

Mommie Dearest Petrelli returns in her most extravagant form ever.  Her power is revealed and her future intentions become if possible even more blurred, even with a few insights to her visions, her intentions are always completely off kilter. 

There are also all sorts of new big bads and some new character’s that seem uncertain thus far, but new powers are always intriguing, especially our new version of Nikki’s.  Way smoother than Arnold did it.  My least favorite character is still Maya.  I just want her to poison herself to stop the whinning.

The Butterfly effect created by Peter has changed everything and made this season a pretty astonishing opener with fuel to feed many fires with new characters (HOORAY BRUCE BOXLEITNER is governor!) and some famiiarl faces returning in ways that aren’t exactly clear yet.  I have my reservations about a few of the situations, but thus far what I have seen was worth the wait.  Until next week……….

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