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USA Mens Gymnastics takes a Bronze Medal

August 12, 2008

Last night was the team competition in Mens gymnastics.  China was the overwhelming favorite and they lived up to their expectations by staying above the other competing teams by leaps and bounds.  A surprise story was the USA mens team being in medal contention.  After the injuries of Paul and Morgan Hamm, the two strongest men from the country only first time Olympians remained, but needless to say, they rose to the occassion, with Jonathan Horton as the teams anchor.

There was a tight race between the more experienced Russians and Germans and the defending champions Japan.  After some mistakes in the first few rotations the United States actually lead at one point, only to eventually be overtaken by the far more experienced and better teams of Japan and China for the Gold and Silver.  But the American squad didn’t let bronze slip away from them as the men came together and performed some of the best gymnastics any of them ever knew they were capable of.  There scores came off lower than the Chinese, but each nailed their routines on the High Bar making a momentemous build up for the floor exercise, but then followed by a disappointing display on Pommel Horse, which allowed the Japanese team to pass them for the silver.

Congratulations to the American men who truly weren’t even expected to do more than show up for the top five.  Not only are they Olympians but they are Olympic medalist’s.  Also congratulations to the phenomenal Chinese team who performed some of the most amazing routines I’ve seen in ages.

Tonight more from Michael Phelps and Womens Team Gymnastics!  Be there at primetime or be square!

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