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So You Think You Can Dance: Finale Performances

August 7, 2008

Last night I was subjected to the dismal affair of having to work during last nights finale.  Luckily I work in a restaurant that was rather quiet and was relieved to catch almost all of the performances.  However, I had the unique perspective of viewing them without any music.  (Watched all of them with Music this morning)  This may seem like an awful cripple and for routines like the Jive and the Foxtrot it was a bit, but for dances like Josh and Katee’s Lyrical and Courtney’s solo the body translated without a necessary soundtrack playing in the backround.  It’s actually inspired me to watch some old performances muted and just watch the dance tell the story. Pretty interesting stuff.  Anyway, moving on.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the actual dancing.

Courtney Galiano:  Courtney should be incredibly proud of herself for making it to the final four.  She started off as a girl I thought wouldn’t even be near the Top Ten, let alone gracing the finale.  But she did bring grace to her final performance and showed her wonderful spirit and dedication to her dance once more.  After watching the other three, I believe Courtney is the only sure fire one to not be a winner.  Just dancing next to Katee last night it was evident how much better Katee is than her.  Each move was ended with something just a little more special than Courtney could muster.  Courtney is one of the best dancers the show has ever had, but Katee has something magical and natural that every dancer wants, and not Courtney nor the other men on stage have that quality.  Also, it was obvious by the end of the night that Courtney’s energy had waned.  I don’t think this will sway her fans, but it certainly could have an affect on those that were Chelsie Hightower fans and likely to be swayed in any direction.  Favorite Moment? Probably her solo or the Tyce Diorio routine with Katee, even though she was outshined by Katee she was still amazing.

Twitch:  Twitch has been truly one of the most compelling dancers to watch on the show throughout the past four seasons.  His technique is not always there, but his originality and absolutely brilliant solo’s are a rare gem indeed.  He was great with his duet with Josh and the rest of the night, but I think Josh outshined him a little on their routine together.  Will his amazing solo and infectious personality be enough for him to win the entire thing?  I am simply not sold.  Not based on his performance alone, but because I believe Josh’s following is more than likely stronger than his, and Katee’s almost for sure, though I think if the votes were tallied he’d have a considerable amount more than Courtney.  But am I wrong and will he be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer?  I will not be shocked by any means. Favortie Moment? Undoubtably his solo last night, though he and Courtney’s hip hop routine was a lot of fun, as well as his duet with Josh.

Josh:  Josh was 100% amazing last night.  From his jaw dropping solo (the best even over Twitch’s in my opinion) to the jive, to the dumbfounding Trepak, and his duet with Katee choreographed by Wade Robson, that literally brought tears to my eyes even with no music upon first viewing.  To experience the language of dance without hearing the actual music, only seeing their bodies conveying the message was actually a gift.  It was probably my favorite routine all season if not all four seasons.   I am completely in awe of what it said and the way it was danced.  Again, the chemistry of Josh and Katee is undeniable, but not just the chemsitry, when they dance together it becomes this cataclysmic moment where the earth has come together just so they could be together and dance during this season.  I’ve seen couples that have danced together for years that don’t move together and come as one like Josh and Katee do.  Will Josh win though?  I think it’s a very distinct possibility, and though I’m really behind Katee here, I will be incredibly happy and prepared to celebrate if Josh wins.  His best moments were the Lyrical routine with Katee and his phenomenal solo.   I sometimes forget his roots are a hip hop popper.  In a way it would have been nice to see more of his solos.

Katee:  Let’s be frank.  By all means and standards Katee should win.  Does Twitch have a better personality? Yes.  Is Courtney’s enthusiasm infectious? Yes.  Is Josh’s ability to perform so well despite his lack of training dumbfounding even the naked eye? Yes.  Nonetheless Katee in my eyes is the best dancer ever on the show.  Not once has she performed anything, even a solo, that was not flawless and absolutely stunning to view.  I like her, but the second she dances I love her.  She doesn’t just finish her moves and perform things technically well, her heart and soul are in every single move she makes, down to her fingertips, and each time she dances, that elegance and her own love for dance shines through all of our televisions at home.  So yes, Katee can dance, but what I see mostly is an inert love for that dance that can translate through any move as heartbreak or happiness and make each time she performs a tangible experience for us viewers.  What she has embodied is something we don’t get to see from most dancers ever, a true unjaded love for her art.  Does Katee have loyal voters?  She must because she has been safe every week.  Will she win? I dearly hope so, because beyong anyone else that has ever been on the show she deserves it.  But if she doesn’t I am just thankful we were all so lucky to watch her dance this season.  It truly raised the bar and made it something even more special than the previous three seasons.  Best moments? Every single performance she had.

I do have doubts, but I am rather sold that Katee will be our winner, both because I hope it believe she has the loyal fans that enjoy dialing their cell phones over and over again. I put Josh behind her in votes, then Twitch, and I believe Courtney will be the first to walk off the stage tonight.  That being said last night was probably the best finale ever on the show.  I’m excited and nervous for tonight.

Cat Deeley was literally flying off the meow meter last night in some twisted Gold dress that looked like something an Egyptian Queen would have worn.  Hope Cat’s bad dress syndrome has officially been overcome as the second half of season four we’ve been graced with the most lovely host on televsion dressed as such.

That’s about all I have to say, other than a small inquiry about the gentlemen that returns each season for auditions that goes by “Sex”.  I am almost 100% convinced he came into my restaurant last evening and watched the show (he even requested to put it on).  On his way out he did one of Sex’s signature jumps.  If it wasn’t him, it could have been his twin.  That’s it,  please leave a comment if you  have any information regarding, because I found it hysterical.

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  1. SYTYCDFAN permalink
    August 7, 2008 3:04 pm

    I’m depressed Chelsie wasn’t there, but it was still great to see the top four America chose. They were all excellent. I think I may be inclined to chose Katee or Twitch.

  2. August 7, 2008 3:04 pm

    I’m right there with you… hoping it’s Katee.

  3. August 7, 2008 10:40 pm

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  4. ldhk permalink
    August 11, 2008 12:46 am

    I’m glad that all of them got such valuable exposure. I know Will and Twitch will be successful, so Joshua winning doesn’t bother me at all.

    Katee will get the attention she deserves too, and I bet some of the other girls, even those who didn’t make it as far as Courtney, will show up in a good share of shows and movies…

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