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Stargate and Star Trek: Science Fiction Cousins

August 6, 2008

The world of Stargate is somehow still flourishing well over a decade since it’s creation on the silver screen.  With the series SG-1 surving an entire decade and the spin-off show Stargate: Atlantis now still flourishing even in it’s fifth season Stargate appears to have many years left in it.  Both of the straight to DVD films, The Ark Of Truth and Continuum have measured a surprising success, one that has evoked the question of whether or not more should be made in the coming year or the focus of Wright and Cooper should be diverted to ANOTHER Stargate series entitled: Stargate Universe.  Go to for more on Stargate Universe, though most of the talk is hush hush at this point. 

Comparisons have been made to Star Trek over the years, and though each show is very different many of the major qualities are the same.  Both have maintained a longevity, if not in their original series in the universe of their creation with spin-offs and feature films.  No other shows in the science fiction genre have managed this kind of success, and while Star Trek began to dwindle towards the mid-90’s Stargate began it’s reign in that time.  Each show maintains themselves on a predominantly superficial level, making the shows fun and light hearted, but each have survived so long because of excellent writers, scripts, and amazingly charismatic casts.  All of the fundementals for great Sci-Fi.

I’m just glad to see Stargate live on fervently at this point and not just through legacy.  It obviously has a lot more fun to offer and many of us junkies waiting for whatever new piece of fun we can get our hands on.

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  1. August 29, 2008 1:35 pm

    You know how many times that same thought crossed my mind… 😆

    Though I’d dare say that the Stargate Franchise is a little more humorous and witty (Star Trek DS9 is the closest to that IMO). I’m also looking forward to Stargate Universe, and the Movies.

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