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Stargate Atlantis: Search And Rescue (Season 5)

July 28, 2008

Show Synopsis:  After being tipped off by Dr. McKay in the future Shephard leads his team to a facility where Michael was planning to deliver Teyla’s baby.  Arriving before the wraith and his science experiemnt followers, they set off a booby trap that collapsed the entire building on the team and their support.  It’s up to Colonel Carter to rescue them, but the clock is ticking as Michael returns with his Wraith ship to claim his prize, and aboard his ship is Teyla, who is already having contractions.

My Review:  Only read on if you enjoy SPOILERS!  I found Search and Rescue to be an excellent opener for season 5 and a suspenseful and fulfilling conclusion to the end of season 4.  Atlantis has a great knack for fun and exciting Season openers and this was no sloutch in comparison.  The first scene that shows Michael receiving the sub-space message from his destroyed lab, traveling threw solar systems, nebulas, and asteroid fileds was an awesome visual that gave the show an epic feel. 

Season Four was very different from the previous three seasons, and it focused more on the inter-realtionships of the team, and bonded them together in a way that was much more palpable than before, and while each of their lives is often in peril, there was no question this episode really exemplified the extremes thei relationships motivated and pushed them.  Each of their sacrfices for each other really made this show special.

Best Scene: Not a shock, but Rodney delivering Teyla’s baby was simply priceless.  Somehow Rodney is always a pitch perfect mix of neurotic, narcissitc, and innert sweeteness.  The delivering of Teyla’s son was that tenfold.  Both funny and kind.

Overall Conjecture:  Looks to be an interesting season that if my predicitons hold up will involve a lot of personal trials for our heros to overcome, rather than galatic ones, since last season they pretty much covered that on every bit of the spectrum.  With Amanda Tapping leaving and Woosley taking her place, there is no doubt that this season is going to have a different feel to it.  I am pretty geared.

For all the Stargate information in the world go to Gateworld, as usual.


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