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Heather Locklear Returns Home

July 28, 2008

After spending a month in a treatment facility called Sierra Tucson in Arizona for her depression and anxiety troubles, Heather Locklear, 46, returnsto her home Los Angelas.  While in the facility her ten year old daughter Ava stayed with her celebrity father Richie Sambora of the popular rock band Bon Jovi.  Sources say Sambora, who has been through addiction problems, has been very supportive of Heather, calling her daily and is happy with her return.  

 During her stay, Locklear received two visits from her boyfriend, the handsome Jack Wagner, who was also a co-star on Melrose Place with her.  There were also rumors that Heather was in the treatment center for alcohol abuse and a pill addiction.  Those accusations are so far unsubstantiated and have been denied by her publiscist.  Get Well, Heather, one of the loveliest ladies in Hollywood.  For more information Heather was recently on the cover of People Magazine, go pick one up at your local store.

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  1. Kathleen Christoph permalink
    December 23, 2008 12:13 pm

    My Heart goes out to her – prescription medications do not work for depression and anxiety. I found a doctor that saved my live with unorthodox method – he created a suppository using 5-htp which is a natural precurser to seratonin in the brain. I don’t sell this or anything – this is not to make money, but if she wants the doctor’s name and address I can give it to her. I just feel sorry for her because she won’t get true relief with prescriptions. The suppositories saved my life – Heath Ledger would have been alive now if he had used them as well. Incidentally, 5-htp does not work orally – it is better absorbed rectally. Somehow I doubt she’ll ever get this but its worth a try. I hate to see someone suffer like that.

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