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Top Six: So You Think You Can Dance!

July 24, 2008

This is going to be the most difficult show to vote for yet. Everyone was top notch at last nights performance, and everyone shined in their solos.  Last night was the first night I really felt like Comfort deserved to get passed ahead.  She really raised the bar for herself and showed a tremdous amount of growth, but I also feel that Mark has been her best partner as well.  The disco routine with Josh and Chelsie was simply insane with it’s lift after death defying lift.  I don’t blame Josh for wanting to pass out afterwards.  The guy is built strong, but that was still nuts.  Cat was looking scrumtious and the judges were spellbound by th performances.  I wish I could have voted for everyone last night, but I’m still staying partial to Katee as the best female dancer and Will as the best male dancer, even though I like Josh just as much, and Twitch too.  Darn it.  They didn’t make it easy, that’s for sure.  Here’s some highlights:

Katee and Twitch

Will and Courtney

Comfort And Mark

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