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The Dark Knight Movie Review

July 20, 2008

I made it to the theatre to see The Dark Knight.  It was worth every penny and every second.  Absolutely amazing.  For my review on it: CLICK HERE! Co-Star Michael Caine said,

Heath will surely get a posthumous nomination, and I think he will get [the award].  

Heavy words from a well respected actor who’s won his own Oscar.  Everyone is going to be talking about this movie and Heath Ledger’s performance is going to be remembered indefinitely.  The director/writer Christopher Nolan said of Ledger’s performance:

[He] constructed an iconic performance.

According the people magazine Gary Oldman (Lt. James Gordon) had his own take on Ledger’s state of mind during the filming.

People want a dark story, [that] he was contaminated with the Joker, that he couldn’t sleep, but in between takes he would sit on the curbside, and laugh and talk about his daughter Matilda.

According to Christian Bale:

He was a fierce talent, and I was fortunate to witness that talent.

Only six months after his death, with his final role finally here it is difficult not to focus on Ledger and his performance as The Joker, and as outstanding as the rest of the film and performances are, you’ll find it just as difficult when you are watching the movie itself.  The excitement of the film is also filled with a bittersweet feeling, knowing the Joker will never come back………at least never like this again.

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