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America Got It Wrong: So You Think You Can Dance!

July 18, 2008

Yes, that is my belief after last evening elimination episode.  I think Comfort and Kherington should have been the bottom girls and it was fair for Gev and Mark to be the bottom men. (though Twitch could have easily taken Gev’s place)  However, I’m pretty annoyed with the fact that Kherington was the female sent home.  I agree her performances from the previous night were not up to par with her work up to that point, and even the prior week was not her strongest, but Comfort should have been the girl to go.  It was her time last week before Jessica was injured. There is no question Comfort is one of the most amazing dancers ever on the show when she’s in her element or rocking a solo (which just keeps getting better), but in general she hasn’t displayed the technique to be very diverse, and at this point she will be hurting her partner in any routine that isn’t hip-hop.  Kherington should have stayed and Comfort left, but alas the voters disagreed.

Onto the men.  I am in full disagreement here as well.  Of all five of the remained men, Mark is my least favorite.  He is a fantastic, brilliant performer that belongs in the top ten, but not the top eight.  Gev has been phenomenal throughout, has a great stage presence and has proved his diversity in dance throughout.  Mark has too, but not in spades like Gev has.  From here on out it’s going to be painful to watch any of the guys leave, because they are simply amazing.  America: Get it right next week!

Also Cat Deeley has looked simply stunning the past two nights.  She earns a chorus of meows as her hair, dress, and shoes are looking fantastic.


The girls also performed a Mia Michaels routine and the boys a Nigel Lythgoe routine.  Before I knew it was Nigels I was actually nodding my head thinking it was one of the most entertaining choreographies on the shoe ever.  Great job Nigel.  I didn’t like the girls routine as much, but the costumes were lovely.

My hopes for the final four:


  • Katee
  • Chelsie


  • Will
  • Joshua

This is not taking anything away from the other dancers, this season has been really tough, but these four are the best out there in my opinion, and frankly watching Katee each week takes my breath away, she is simply amazing.  Her and Will partnered was simply magic.  Josh and Courtney had really great chemistry as well.  I liked Gev and Chelsie together, but that seemed to matter little.  I know one thing is for sure, I will be picking up my phone and voting next week to make sure my favorites don’t go home.  I recommend everyone else do the same.  The top eight is going to be tough!

Here are some of the best moments from the performance night!


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  1. August 3, 2008 4:36 pm

    Dear Chealsie,
    I’m very sorry that the judges & America just didn’t see how talented you were & also amazingly beautiful too? I really don’t know how you didn’t creap up the ladder to the top on cuteness alone? You are an incredibly beautiful young woman & I can only hope the best for you in the future, which I’m fairly sure’ll be very profitable to you!!? And or you will be very successfull in just whatever you do I’m sure!!!
    love Matt

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