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Thayne and Comfort Eliminated: SYTYCD

July 11, 2008

Not surprisingly Comfort and Thayne were the two sent home last night, but the journey there was pretty intense.  Last nights solos were the best by a long shot.  With the ladies Comfort really displayed her best solo  yet letting the world see how amazing she truly is.  Jessica’s was rejected by the judges, but I found it to be beautiful.  Kherington’s was simply outstanding.  Nigel offered the reasoning of Comfort being the choice to be sent home as a compilation of performances up to that point, which is fair.  Kherington has been brilliant, and Jessica has been much more consistant.  I loved Comfort as an addition, but it was time for her to go home.  Even so, you could see Nigel still wanted to send Jessica home in her place.


The men.  My goodness, the men.  I was actually glad (Cat took the words out of my mouth) that Will AND Twitch were in the bottom just so I could see their solos.  They were absolutely in another league than everyone else.  It was jaw dropping.  Will’s was probably one of the best solos ever on the program to be honest.  Poor Thayne who has been a consistent dancer throughout performed a stunning solo as well, but it simply couldn’t hold up against Will and Twitches tremendous performances, and unfortunately his partners up to that point were on the weaker end and he never really had the opportunity to shine.  I wish him luck with Mia as he is a beautiful dancer.


Will’s Solo

Twitches Solo

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