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Stargate Atlantis: Season Five Opener!

July 11, 2008

Search And Rescue premieres tonight as Stargate Atlantis’s Fifth season opener.  The cliffhanger from last season left the team seemingly dead in the rubble of an industrial building the Wraith Michael had been using for Teyla and her unborn child.  The place was booby trapped and so exploded.  By the title of the opener it’s safe to say that our heroes may survive.  Here’s what had to say about it:

Captain Alicia Vega speaks with Colonel Carter about her lack of an assignment. When the Stargate activates, the two rush down the stairs to meet Lt. Edison. Edison has rushed back from Michael’s compound, where a number of Atlantis personnel are now trapped. He has come for back-up and to secure rescue for his team and the others.

Carter and Vega, joined by Dr. Keller and a contingent, gear up and head to the planet in a cloaked Jumper. They begin searching for their missing people — including McKay and Lorne, who find themselves trapped together with no way out. But the team is being watched from overhead: Michael is on board a cruiser orbiting the planet, scanning their life signs. When he determines that the Atlantians are there and may still prove useful to his agenda, he launches Wraith Darts to capture them.

For more information and spoilers CLICK HERE and will provide as much information as you can stomach without an actual script available.  This season promises to have many changes and surprises in it’s future including changes in command as Amanda Tapping is leaving to pursue her own new Sci-Fi show Sanctuary.  She does promise to return for guest starring episodes though.  I’m ready for the premiere tonight and I hope you are!


GUEST STARRINGConnor Trineer (Michael), Mitch Pileggi (Colonel Steven Caldwell), Kavan Smith (Lorne), Martin Christopher (Major Kevin Marks), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Patrick Sabongui (Kanaan), Leela Savasta (Vega), Jeremy Jones (Edison), Sharon Taylor (Banks), Annalise MacCullouch (Torren)After a conflict with Michael leaves several Atlantis personnel trapped, Colonel Carter leads a rescue mission — unaware that Michael is still nearby.




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