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Top 12: So You Think You Can Dance

July 10, 2008

Last night was full of performances with mixed emotions from the judges who often found themselves at odds with the audience, each other, and even themselves.  It will be interesting to see how much they waivered from last nights comments to their opinions today after a good nights sleep.

There were moments of particular harshness towards Comfort and Thayne from Nigel, who tried to be as comforting about it as possible, and also a slap in the face insult to Jessica from Mia Michaels who simply said to Will, “You look tired from carrying her.  You need a new partner.”  It was a harsh reality last night for a lot of contestents, especially those who had not yet been subject to negative judge reviews like Twitch and Kherington as well as Katee and Joshua.  The only couple free of scruntinization seemed to be Mark and Chelsie, and even Mark was once again given some pointers and room for improvement.

The Cat Meter last night?  Well, Cat looked beautiful from the neck up, her hair hanging naturally across her arms and back, and her face looking clean without any overdone makeup and of course in a terrible dress.  Even so, still stunning.  Last night she was a baaaaaaaad kitteh again.  With some inuendo about kitchen fornication the “Cat” meter earns several Meows for Miss Deeley.

Even with the tough and seemingly confused judges there were some pretty amazing performances last night.  A salsa with Mark and Chelsie was breathing hottness, a contemporary routine by Tyce Diorio with Jessica and Will was particularly smoldering and may be enough to keep at least Will in the competition, though they both will surely be in the bottom.  Chelsie and Mark were again solid with a broadway routine, but the night ended with the most impressive routine by Katee and Joshua who did a new genre of dance to the show: Bollywood.  And frankly, I don’t think any other couple could have pulled it off.

My Predictions?


  • Chelsie and Mark
  • Katee and Josh (thanks to their bollywood routine)

Toss Up?

  • Twitch and Kherington (first bad night for these two-may resulte in bottom for them)
  • Gev and Courtney (were good, but Twitchington has a huge fanbase that I dont’ think Courtney and Geve have)


  • Comfort and Thayne
  • Jessica and Will

I think Comfort and Thayne will go home unless something unforseen happens, though they may send Jessica just to get Will with a new partner.  Comfort started off as one of my favorite dancers, but she has not grown or offered anything special or new in recent weeks and I believe her journey should end tonight, not Jessica who has demonstrated a far superior ability thus far.

Best Performance? Katee and Joshua again with their BOLLYWOOD routine:  Enjoy via YouTube:

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