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Mia Michaels biased?

July 10, 2008

From season One on So You Think You Can Dance I began a twisted affection for Mia Michaels.  Her choreography is some of the most original and beautiful stuff I’ve ever seen.  I’m not a contemporary fan perse, but what she creates is magnificence.  Her personality on the show is a direct contrast to the admiration and respect I feel for her talent and ability to convert choreography from the spout of her mind.  She often comes off as a megalamaniac.  Her self obsession is worn like a badge of  honor on her sleeve, and while she’s earned the right the be a bit arrogant, her lack of modesty seems to have infiltrated the show in a way that I don’t think is right.

When it comes down to it, who listens to the judges?  Most of the time I agree with them, and when I don’t it really doesn’t matter to me, so my concern for Mia’s bias may be superficial in it’s ability to have any real affect on the dancers on the show, but it seems troublesome nonetheless.  Probably, because it takes away from the integrity of the show.  Where do I believe her bias comes from?  Contemporary dancers.  Review her comments each time she has judged and while she may tear the partner apart, she often offers compliments and wisdom and encouragement to the contemporary partner.  Even Courtney G. whom she openly disliked in the beginning she is starting to pamper with compliments.  Not too much has changed about Courtney’s personality, nor her journey.  She and Gev are rising together, but are the same couple the were at round one.  Last night when Thayne and Comfort danced, he did a fine job of the moves, even Comfort did okay, but the problem was the connection and the performance, but Mia declared he was brilliant, it was all Comforts fault.

There are many other circumstances where this has been an obvious bias on her part.  Go to the shows website So You Think You Can Dance or Youtube and search for a link that offers the commentary on what the judges stated as their opinions.  You’ll soon see the obvious pattern that Mia has set when she has judged.

She is a tremendous choreographer and a brilliant talent that brings so much to the show, it bothers me even more that her ego intrudes her opinions in such a biased manner.  Hopefully, Im wrong and this is all just coincidence, but I began to notice it in Season Two, and I’m fairly certain it is not a coincidence.

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