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Top 14: So You Think You Can Dance

July 3, 2008

Last night the top seven couples performed two routines, and for the most part the night left me feeling a little dry, and I think I can attribute it to the choreography.  With exception to Mia Michaels and Tony & Melanie last nights routines had no really excitement to them.  Some were techinically more difficult, but at this point in the show I really prefer to see performances like Twitch and Kherington’s Mia routine over raw technicality.  And moreover I miss Shane Sparks hip hop.  I don’t like where it’s gone on the show, and a genre of dance that was once my favorite is now becomming as dreaded as the quick step to endure.

I agreed with the judges on most accounts last night though with exception of the last broadway routine, it left me dry, but in contrast I actually enjoyed their hip hop routine.  It was a lot of fun, and the judges responded in a lukewarm fashion to it.

A little off point here, as much as I adore the silly charismatic Cat Deely, who dresses her?  It always seems to be the result of a wardrobe malfunction, or perhaps someone finding her clothes in the dark.  Last nights dress was one of her worst ever, and that is a considerable feat in Cat land.  No meows for you tonight Cat.

Once again the night was filled with seedy, sexy routines, but also some nice classy performances, and unfortunately I think it was abundantly obvious who’s going to be in the bottom three this week: at list two couples on the list anyway. The right people went home last week, hopefully the same will go for tonight.  Here’s My Predictions:


  • Katee and Joshua: They performed excellent in both contemporary and Benji’s West Coast Swing, even though I wasn’t a fan of it’s choreography
  • Twitch and Kherinton: Awesome routines, each were SMOKING hot!
  • Chelsie and Mark: Had a great jazz/hip hop thing and their foxtrot was absolutely lovely


  • Courtney and Gev: Did a fun hip hop routine and an ok Broadway that the judges really enjoyed, but not up to par with my top three couples.
  • Jessica and Will: Had a GREAT and steamy Mandy Moore routine that I adored and an ok Jive that was easily forgotten. I predict them in the bottom over Courtney and Gev.  The judges want to give Jessica the boot anyway.


  • Kourtni and Matt:  It was their worst night ever.  The hip hop was so awkward, it was simply bad, and the Mambo lacked the heat needed to generate in a night fully of sexy routines.
  • Comfort and Thayne: had a beautiful Waltz, but I don’t think it will be enough to sustain them as a top couple especially after their incredibly weak broadway performance.


The Worst:

The Best!

Katee and Joshua are #1!!!!!!!!!!

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