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Top 16: So You Think You Can Dance!

June 26, 2008
Cat Was Smokin\'!Katee and Joshua were my absolute favorite AGAIN. Other than Chelsie and Mark they are the only two really fusing as a couple.

The Best Performances were:

1. Josh and Katee

2. Kourtni and Matt (who had GREAT choreography!)

3. Twitch and Kherington

4. Chelsie and Mark

In the Middle:

1.Courtney and Gev

2. Will and Jessica

Just Plain Bad?

1. Comfort and Chris

2. Thayne and Chelsea H.Comfort and Chris Dance a Jazz set to Marilyn Manson!

Comfort let me down again. I’m very disappointed. However I think Chelsea and Chris should be the two going home. Or Thayne even.  If Will and Jessica are in the bottom I wouldn’t be opposed to Jessica going.  She is beautiful, but her dancing isn’t up to par, and I don’t mean Will’s par.  I think that’s an excuse for her not rising to the occassion like the rest of the dancers.

P.S. Cat was being a naughty kitty last night.  Most of her comments on the dancers were all sexual in nature.  In fact, it was a very sexually charged evening.

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