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So You Think You Can Dance: First Elimination

June 13, 2008

Predictions weren’t wildly off when it was considered that Jamie and Rayven would be sent home, but even so I’m a little surprised that Jamie went.  Though I wasn’t fond of the hip hop routines choreography they danced to (not their fault) Jamies performance was stronger than many of the men’s the previous night, and while his solo was on the weak end, he is still the only partner dancer in the competition and that makes him a valuable resource.  Instead, the competition is flooded with contemporary dancers.  While the dancers are certainly great this year, the lack of versatility bothers me.  I’m very much so missing some Russian latin dancers as well.

Also distressing this season is the absence of Wade Robson and Shane Sparks.  Shane is busy doing that terrible MTV show while Wade was holding out for more $$$$$$ from my understanding.  Please pay Wade what he wants and and beg Shane to come back.  The only choreography that was really interesting was Tony Meredith’s and of course Mia’s.  The hip hop was so soft and so weak.  It won’t matter how good some of the performers are if we are missing some of the cutting edge choreography that makes them stand out.  Anyway, it was still a pretty good night.

Here is the opening performance choreographed by: Wade Robson, and is what we’ll be missing in the couples performances this season-

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