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So You Think You Can Dance: Two Hour ReCap

June 12, 2008

Rayven and Jamie did a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabithia and Napolean to “American Boy” by: Estelle featuring Kanye West.  There performance received mixed reviews from the panel of judges, though it was a cool routine, it really did seem to lack somewhere. It’s possible they may be a bottom three couple.

Kourtni and Matt did a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore to “Tainted Love” by: Soft Cell.  The routine was torn apart by the judges, but I thought it was original fun, and peformed well.  Nonetheless, these two could be in trouble.

Susie and Marquis did a smooth waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson to “Dark Waltz” by:  Hayley Westerna.  The first couple to have the waltz is never lucky, simply because the audience often finds it banal and forgettable unless it’s done in a spectacular way.  Susie and Marquis were not spectacular but it was a well recieved performance that was solid enough that they should be safe.

Kherington and Twitch peformed broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio to “Too Damn Hot” by Kiss Me Kate.  Kherington and Twitch did a pretty reasonable job.  They really played to the audience and had a good chemistry making them good, and probably putting them somewhere in the middle.

Chelsea T. and Thayne did the Cha Cha choreographed by Tony Meredith to “Oye Como Va” (Latin/Trance Mix) by: Celia Cruz and it was hot!  Technically they had room to improve but it was a solid sexy performance.  They are more than likely safe, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they fell into the bottom.

Jessica and Will performed the Tango choreographed by Hunter Johnson to “Tango From Cirque du Soleil” by: Casa Musica.  Will got rav reviews from the judges and Jessica a few technical critiques, but in general it was obvious they were one of the judges favorite couples, and mine as well.  They put on a stunning performance.  Watch out for Will, this guy is amazing.

Chelsie H. and Mark performed a contemporary piece choreographed by none other than Mia Michaels to “Beautiful” by: Me’Shell N’degeocello.  Mia Michaels outdoes herself once again with amazing choreography performed brilliantly by Chelsie and Mark.  This was by far one of the best performances of the night, and the judges agreed.

Katee and Joshua peformed a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to “No Air” by: jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.  Joshua is just amazing and all the judges seemed to think so as well.  The biggest surprise was Katee’s excellent performance.  This was my favorite of the night.

Comfort and Chris did the jive choreographed by Tony Meredith to “Boom Boom Boom” by: Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  This routine was packed full of energy and excitement.  Comfort and Chris are going to be a fun couple to watch, and Comfort in particular is amazing.  The judges enjoyed this one too.  They shoudl be safe.

Gev and Courtney performed Disco choreographed by Doriana to “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.  Their performance was solid, though lacked a lot of life disco requires.  Disco is always a hit or miss and unfortunately I forsee Gev and Courtney dancing for their lives tonight.


Predicted Bottom Couples? Courtney and Gev, Kourtni and Matt, and Rayven and Jamie

Best Performances: Katee and Joshua, Chelsie H. and Mark, Will and Jessica

My favorite dancers so far? Comfort, Joshua, Will, Chelsie H., and Katee

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