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Top Twenty: So You Think You Can Dance

June 6, 2008

Quite frankly, last nights Vegas elimination was a disappoint on a very large scale.  A dancer like Robert Muraine, who has some of the most original and amazing popping skills I’ve ever seen left the competition before he even tried because he was afraid of embarrassing himself.  As impressed as I was with his dancing, it was an insult to the rest of the dancers that he simply gave up without at least trying.  People can spectate about nerves and the work people put into this but that is an even greater reason and respect he should have had by continuing with the competition.  It was a terrible disappointment.

An even greater disappointment was the farewell to Brandon Bryant.  I can’t imagine what the judges were thinking when they sent him home last night.  This guy has more talent, grace, and gift in his pinky than 90% of the dancers out there.  And as much as I love the two breakers, I think Brandon should have been in place of one of them.

P.S.  The fact that Debbie Allen can’t judge because of William is both cool and disappointing that we won’t get her input. 😦

Here’s the success list:

Twitch, Joshua, Rayven, Jamie, Marquis, Matt, Comfort, Courtney G., Susie, Chelsie H., Chris, Thayne, Mark, Jessica, Kourtni L., Gev, Kherington, Katee, Chelsea T. and William.

I’m particularly excited about Comfort,  Thayne, Marquis, and Matt.

Here are some highlighted moments from the auditions:

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