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So You Think You Can Dance

May 21, 2008

Who else is watching and who else is addicted?

The Two Hour Premiere for Season Four begins tomorrow night at 8 O’Clock.  With the return of Host Cat Deely and Judges Nigel Lithgoe and Mary Murphy and choreographers Mia Michaels, Jean Marc Gereneux, Tice Dirio, Mandy Moore, and Tabithia and Napolean this season promises to be fun and entertaining once again.  While my American Idol interest has weened in the passing seasons my adoration of So You Think You Can Dance hasn’t.  The tryouts are a hoot from the funny to the brilliant, but when the show really gets started and the routines and talents of the dancers really get exposed, is where the fun actually begins.

Hopefully this year we’ll have some Shane Sparks and Wade Robson routines again.  They are always the most amazing, and even the wacky Mia Michaels.  The diversity of the dancers and the routines they perform are absolutely pure enjoyment to watch!  I’m ready for season 4 folks, so be there tomorrow night, and if you can’t DVR it!

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