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Scrubs: Season 8?

May 13, 2008

As it turns out Scrubs finale was not a finale after all.  Word around the campfire is ABC has been trying to get it’s hands on Scrubs all year long and unfortunately NBC has been stubborn to sell it away.  This year with the writers strike it seems many of the episodes were aired out of order and that is why the “Fairy Tale” was the “last” episode.  It was the last episode owned by NBC.  However ABC has already filmed 18 episodes for an 8th season and Scrubs with return, without Kelso :(, but it will return nonetheless.  Here is what Zach Braff had to say on his myspace blog:

Dear Friends,
I am sorry it has taken me so long to write, but I feel kindo silly posting without anything too interesting to say. I’ve also been stalling to talk about some big Scrubs news, however I’ve just been informed that I’m not allowed to talk about anything related to Scrubs and it’s current fate. What I can tell you is that we are currently shooting 18 episodes for the 8th season. I am not allowed to discuss where one might watch them. (More news to come.)

For the rest of the blog and information READ HERE.  It’s still not official as to whether or not the episodes will air in succession this fall on ABC or possibly go straight to DVD.  Either way, the die hard fans will be waiting for the fall to pick up where their beloved show left off or will all be ready to purchase the final season when it’s released on DVD.  It’s rewatchabillity is undeniable.  Good News For Scrubs.

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  1. aprilame permalink
    June 3, 2009 6:24 am

    Scrubs season 8 will be the last episodes for scrubs. Scrubs episodes are all great but they give the best episodes ever for season 8 just to give viewers the reasons why to love the show.

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