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The Real World: Hollywood-Episode Four

May 9, 2008

The Partying has to come to an eventual end.  The perpetual bad behavior of the seven mixed with alcohol and now some obvious tension can only lead to bad places, and after the preview of Joey “getting cranky”, it’s fair to say this episode is going to entail a large amount of conflict and less amount of fun.  So here’s some Live Blogging:

Brianna Goes Home: After her interlude with Joey she opts not to invite Joey back home with her for her court hearing.  While at home Brianna takes Will to her strip club and even does some dances.  Will is shocked at the size and presentation of the club comparatively to the Detroit local clubs and after a viewing I could see why.  Detroit strip clubs are huge and quite frankly pretty damn nice.  Nonetheless: the outcome is the same, naked girls dancing!  When Brianna begins to complain about Joey, Will chimes in a points out that she is messing with his head, and his reaction is her fault.  Good for Will instead of just listening.  He sees where Joey is headed and Brianna’s contribution to that mood is undoubtably playing a large role.  That and Joey’s affection for alcohol.

Sarah and Kimberly:  It isn’t unusual for privledged rich girls (people) to not understand what people that have had less opportunities and some with no opportunities most overcome to be successful in life.  Neither of them have the empathy or complexity to empathize with a person on that level and each are blinded by their ignorance.  The upward battle that someone like Bri has to climb to reach her goals is thwarted by not only her place in society but her own inability to understand what life outside it is like, which is a shame, but typical.  Instead of having sympathy for that, they attack it and look down on her and others like her for it.  I don’t feel sorry for Bri, she is doing what she wants in life, and whether it’s the life I would chose or not, she is in control of herself and very self aware.  I feel sorry for Sarah and Kimberly who know nothing outside their sheltered existence and don’t want to either.

Joey Abuses The Alcohol:  The more I see of David the more I actually like him.  For whatever reason the house has become a catalyst for all the bad things and aspects of Joey’s personality and life to be explored and exploited.  Using Brianna as an “excuse” for his anger, he decides to whoop it up at the bar, already perturbed by an altercation with Sarah and Kimberly, who per ignorance again insulted Joey and probably millions of others watching the tube.  And Woot for David for standing his ground against the insecurity and ignorance of the two bimbo’s.  By the time Joey was at the bar David could see he was heading down a path that could only lead to more problems.  This time David steps up to the plate and offers guidance and support to Joey who stubbornly rejects him and then berats him for it minutes later.  Typical.  Then Joey goes insane.  Drinks everything he can find in the house and then spirals into a rage smashing things and complaining mostly incoherantly.  He turns his anger towards the girls and their superiority complex and takes their ignorance as a personal attack on him.  Everyone is scared, even Dave doesn’t know what to do.  By morning they try to talk to him, but he still seems drunk and says he’s going to leave.  He makes a call to the producers and they offer to come over and talk to him.

Brianna’s Court Date: As Will pointed out Brianna just doesn’t understand or won’t understand the seriousness of her situation, she prepares for court in an outfit that can only be described as gross.  The hearing was finished and she’ll have to return for another one even though her ex-boyfriend dropped the charges.  Will again offered a voice of reason saying “You can’t save someone who won’t help themselves”, and I agree with him.

Joey Goes To Rehab:  Joey agrees to spend a month in rehab and then return to the house.  He aplogizes to everyone and seems to slip back into remourseful sober Joey.  He also seems genuinely relieved to be going,a nd while embarassed happy.  The girls immediately forgive him and offer their support in any way possible.  Obviously neither of them actually understand Joey but they are trying to help so that is a step in the right direction.  When Joey leaves, everyone including Joey seems happy.

Brianna Returns:  She assumes some responcibility in triggering Joey, but also his courage to help himself seems to have opened her eyes to her own self destructive patterns in life.  Suddenly it seems that Bri is finally comprehending her life and the fact that it’s out of control.  I’d like to think this will be an eye opening experience but I expect to only see more of the same illicit behavior in her future.

Joey Calls:  His doctor is DR. DREW! How effing awesome is that?  Anyway, he seems happy already and the roomates were excited.  Let’s hope for the best for Joey’s future.

Concluding Thoughts:  This was the most interesting episode because it really showed the worst sides of many of the roomates (Sarah, Kimberly, Joey, and Brianna), but it showed some of the really great attributes of Dave and Will and even Greg.  My predictions with Joey gone involve lots of partying, hooking up, and eventually more fighting, probably cat fighting.

Next Weeks Previews: Dave and Brianna are getting down, not with each other, but other people and this seems to have a negative affect on two of the other roomates.  Apparently the drama is just beginning.

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  1. mikeeatsdetroit permalink
    May 9, 2008 4:19 pm

    I have to disagree with you, I find David to be the yes man of the house, the character who wants everyone to like him and tries real hard to come off good on TV. I don’t think he handled Joey’s tantrum at all, the result would have been the same whether he was there or not.

  2. May 11, 2008 5:18 pm

    I can see where you are coming from with that. In fact, I agree to a very large extent. I just felt like he was less focused on that in this particular episode and seemed genuinely confused when Joey was wigging out. His attempt to cool him off the drinking outside the bar was a weak at best, but at least this time he didn’t offer the alcoholic a drink and made some form of effort in the other direction. Who knows his motivation, so far he’s the biggest pushover, but I think his passive aggressive behavior is more powered by the fact that he wants to party and have fun and conflict makes that difficult. Or something like that.

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