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Terminator Engaged To Transformer!

May 8, 2008

It would be a technology explosion.  Can you imagine the children?  Perhaps I have been living under a rock these past years but I was completely unaware of Brian Austin Green’s engagement to Megan Fox.  The former star of 90210 was once engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world: Vanessa Marcil.  The two also share a son, Kassius, who I believe is four or five years old.  They were even once on a Dr. Phil episode getting help to potty train their boy.  A few years ago, they broke up and the handsome Green seems to have fallen into another stunning beauty: Megan Fox, who is now the sexiest woman alive.  What kind of mojo does green have?  Either way, he’s career is looking up as he’s had many guest appearances on The Sarah Connor Chronicles playing the role of Derek Reece, the uncle of John.  His goal on the show is similar to Fox’s in the 2007 hit Transformers.  Together they work with the good version of the robots and fight the bad versions of the robots.  They must have interesting conversations.  I have no information on a set date for the marriage to commence and actually nothing up to date to confirm that the engagement is still alive and well, but if they decide to have children, talk about more gorgeous babies.  I’m still stunned, who goes from Vanessa Marcil to Megan Fox, the most beautiful women alive.  Insanity I say.  She is only 21 and he is 34 and claims they may just elope.  Not a bad idea, just take some picture there BAG.  Looking forward to the new season of the much anticipated Sarah Connor Chronicles with BAG returning, hopefully as a full time cast member, and am also looking forward to seeing Megan Fox period.  In a house, in a box, with a fox, with a mouse, here or there……….well anywhere.

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