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Skynet Takes Two More Pawns

May 7, 2008

Since when have we become a country that solely relies on the government rules and standards to control our lives?  Where did we stop thinking for ourselves and start relying on what television and government propaganda have deemed as “politically correct”?  Where did we stop being a community and start letting the government laws and stipulations make our choices and decisions for us?

The country has become lazy.  It’s so lazy and concerned with issues that concede very little direct affect on us, that it’s given up many of it’s rights to think freely.  Unfortunately, the majority of this country has turned into these mindless flesh eating creatures that has decided it’s much easier for TV and the government dictate what happens in their lives and what they think.  If they don’t vote, or don’t pay attention to politics they don’t have to assume any responsibility for the officials elected.  If the grandparents or day cares are raising their children it won’t be their fault that their children are a plague to society.  If we rely on machines instead of people, it makes our lazy lives that much easier.  These people have become the demise of this great nation and have given Skynet a few moves that much closer to Check Mate.

I’m no tree hugging hippie.  In fact, I think all the time and money wasted on Global Warming is ludicrous.  I would also add the prevention and punishment for prostitution, drug abuse, and gun control.  I believe each and every one of these issues are problems and need to be regulated but that simply cannot be controlled or stopped.  We should all be aware of the environment and do what we can to protect our world, but to preach it as such an imminent threat to our society is shameful.  We many more pressing issues inside our homes.  The issues of drug abuse, prostitution, and illegal weapons in this particular country comes from adults that start off as children.  The focus should be on homes and communities.  These simply do not exist anymore.  Both parents work and nobodies home for the kids.  The schools and baby sitter’s become the main form of influence in the child’s life and before long their peers, and by the time they are in trouble, the blame is placed on the school, other kids, and anything but where the actual issue has stemmed.  If the schools are there to determine everything for your child’s future, then by proxy the government is.  They have more power than anyone can imagine, and for those teachers and administrators to retain that power they must bow down to the almighty government that makes every single one of it’s rules and decisions out for it.

I for one, am not okay with the government deciding what is best for my child or what is best for my neighborhood.  As a parent I know my children better than anyone on this planet, and being educated and not one of the fleshing eating zombies, am attune and aware to their needs.  As an intelligent woman who cares about the community and the laws and things that happen in my city, I don’t think the government at large is going to understand what the city needs more than it’s residents who do more than look at spreadsheets and bar graphs, because that’s all we are to them.

I cannot take another second of the government controlling my life in places it has no business in being.  I can no longer stand by idly while others who are complacent in their “helplessness” allow this to continue.  It is only a matter of time before even more laws and rules begin to regulate our private homes and lives.  People need to get off their self absorbed asses and start thinking about things more important than their petty material things.  Life is much bigger than that, and it will be too late to complain about it after you have no more choices.

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