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Semi-Pro Bear Kills Trainer

April 27, 2008

The 7 and a 1/2 foot, seven hundred pound Grizzly Bear named Rocky that had a cameo in the recent comedy Semi-Pro starring Will Ferell mauled his trainer to death on Tuesday.  Rocky was being put through obedience training in Big Bear, California when the incident occured.  There are tapes being reviewed to determine whether the incident was an accident or not.  Rocky will be euthanized if it was considered intentional.

Many wild animals that have either been born into captivity or saved and acclimated to it are still considered dangerous and this incident proves why.  No matter how much these creatures love and adore their human companions, they still have the native instinct of a wild animal.  Bears in particular are noted for this trait of unpredictability.   Even Siegfried and Roy had an accident with one of their Tigers, and though it wasn’t the fault of the animal, a massive injury was the result.  There is no doubt these animals love their owners, but nonetheless it simply isn’t natural for a wild animal to be held captive, and so long as they are, be it for their well being alone or not, these kinds of accidents will continue to happen.  It’s a real shame considering the trainers of these animals suffers injuries and even death like Stephan Miller, from the animals that they loved so dearly and dedicated so much of their lives to.

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