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The Real World Hollywood-Episode Two

April 24, 2008

Season Twenty Drama Continues!

Word of the day? BOOBIES!

Sarah/Will Love Triangle:This episode starts with Sarah on the phone telling her boyfriend that Will has approached her in earnest about crushing her.  Immediately her boyfriend gets defensive and Sarah projects the entire situation on Will, even though she was the obvious instigator of their interlude.  Her reaction to his absence at her birthday celebration only furthers her obvious attempt to manipulate the male sex.  Whether she has any intentions to cheat with Will, her intentions at least require his attention and crush on her to stimulate her desperate ego.  Ladies, playing and using men that way, is just as dirty as men using women sexually and then hitting the road.  Don’t complain if you’re going to do the same dirty right back them.

Dave is a slut?!?  Honestly, how naive does one have to be to not understand inside of five minutes that Dave is a slut and not just your average slut, the kind that calls a woman’s breasts, tits, cans, ta-ta’s: BOOBIES.  That’s right.  Dave is the guy who calls them boobies!  What haven’t you understood Kimberly about the big giant sign he has written across his head that says SLUT.  It’s not as though he’s coy about his intentions, and flirting and toying around with you certainly isn’t going to stimulate the Boobies mans needs.  Trashy girl or no, he just wants some play.  As a bartender, you’d think Kimberly could spot these guys a million miles away.

Sarah says Dave is desperate!  This is easily translated as “Manipulator who hides her true intentions and personality is intimidated by the BOOBIES.”  Sarah is really just intimidated by the big breasted woman because she puts her true intentions out there.  That girl is screaming sex, meanwhile Sarah is a fake hiding behind walls and pretending to be something different to anyone she sees fit.  It makes her more comfortable to label Dave as desperate, but anyone with a brain can see it’s simply her own insecurities screaming out for attention and validation.  She’s jealous of the BOOBIES.

21st BDAY!  Apparently in the manipulating world of Sarah it is acceptable for herself, who has a boyfriend to  bring a guy back to the house, but Dave, the single ladies man, cannot.  Hmmm.  Wow.  Didn’t call that one.

Joey/Bri-  Bri is actually the most likable female in the house.  She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not, she embraces her sexuality, she’s honest, and she has confidence, unlike the other two girls.  Her hooking up with Joey, the only real man in the house makes sense, and thus far I kind of like the idea of the two of them together.  Big shocker: the two grownup seek solace in one another

Sarah/Kimberly gossip about Bri-  Not that being a stripper is the best profession in the world, but at least Bri gets paid for being a tease.  Kimberly and Sarah do it for funsies and inflate their ego’s by it, Bri is doing it as a job and getting paid cash for it.  I’m still not condoning the job, but I certainly have more respect for Bri than the two bimbo’s that suffer from a plethora of hypocrisy already.

Will & Greg–  It’s nice that Greg is at least finding friendship in someone out of the group and Will being the ulimate friend is going to be more tolerant of Greg’s “idiosyncrasies” than the rest of the bunch will  be.  I’m still not sure why Will is continuing to pursue Sarah when it’s obvious she is a tease.

Kimberly/Brianna Fight-  Kimberly deserved to have her lights knocked out.  Unfortunately, it’s so dim in there it happens there is nothing to be knocked out.  She may have called Bri “ghetto” but all she proved is she is a dimmed witted ignorant white girl.  And then to top it off saying she’s not dealing with “inner city blackville”.  Unfortunately Will and Greg weren’t around to hear her comment, but I wish they were.  Her ignorant, hypocritical mouth is going to be trouble.  Maybe when she re-watches the video she’ll see she started to yell first, not Bri-and also that she was fuming afterwards while Bri was having fun with the rest of the house.

Greg as Mediator?  Wow, slap me and color me shocked.  Greg really seems to be making a genuine effort this episode to at least get along with “the peasants”, he even squashed the argument between Bri and Kimberly, though I see Bri’s insight to the future as a realistic one.  Good for Greg.

Final Thoughts?

If the rest of the season is this insane it’s going to be a long long ride.  So far I like Joey, Bri, and Will the most.   Dave and Greg are okay.  And Sarah and Kimberly need a good swatting.




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  1. mikeeatsdetroit permalink
    May 2, 2008 9:43 pm

    This season is rediculous. MTV has taken a bunch of attention starved fame whores and put them in HOLLYWOOD magnifying the fame whoreness 10 fold. That Dave guy is an absolute push over he gets a little opposition and folds like a house of cards when the person who gives him shit goes out and does the same thing the next night. That Joey guy looks like a japanese anime character and I swear that Greg guy is an actor. Sarah is a babe but theres something off about her.

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