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The Real World- Episode One (Season 20)

April 19, 2008

It’s been at least a decade since I watched the show that was once so engaging I would spectate with salivating glands of curiousity.  The shock that so many years, and so many seasons have past since the original seven entered the loft in New York nearly sent me in a nostalgic coma.  The first four or five seasons were full of ethnically diverse people that all had really compelling back rounds and personalities and became a real source of human interest to watch how they interacted with one another.  This integrity seemed to slip away in replacement of one dimensional people that were obviously going to have a lot of conflict around season six or seven.  This train wreck was fun for maybe two seasons and then just wore thin.  Partying, fighting, and being ungrateful lazy people begins to get repetitive and certainly doesn’t stimulate the thinking mind.  However, I’ll never forget those adolescent years of enjoyment and pleasure at watching a show that really opened doors for reality television.

Cruising my apple box in need of some mindless entertainment I stumble upon The Real World-Season 20.  This show is still on?  How is that possible?  I thought all the past years of cast members parished in the gauntlet and destruction of overexposure.  I was wrong.  Apparently the appeal to watch good looking young people make out with each other and fight every two minutes will never wear thin.  I take a deep breath, purchase the first episode and prepare to cringe.

Usually the first few episodes of these shows people are careful around each other, and because they don’t know the other people or understand their temperants eggshells are a necessity. Nope, not in this house.  Everyone seemed to be getting along great, and then the “model” internet winner shows up in all his meglamaniac glory.  He’s too cool to do anything, and is already alienating the rest of the cast who seem to be mostly interested in hooking up, getting wasted, and hooking up.  Ooh, and did I mention partying?  The cast member’s of this season were obviously picked because of their good looks and ability to collide with one another.  Introducing Season 20:

Kimberly Alexander is a 25-year-old aspiring gossip talk show host from Columbia, South Carolina.  She is currently a bartender/party girl.   She is the house cast member that would be the most ignorant thus far as she said on the first episode: “Will is so good looking and nice.  I can’t believe he’s from Detroit.  It’s supposed to be this inner city bad place.  oh my god.  Can I say that?  Wait rewind.  Take it off.”  Then she collapses into giggles.  Obviously, the ideal of Detroit hasn’t changed in the U.S.  While Detroit might be “bad” I’m at least glad it’s not being represented in the way SC is with the drunk, dumb bottle blonde.

Joey Kovar is a 24-year-old aspiring entertainer from Evergreen Park, Illinois.  As a former body builder, recovering from an addiction to steroids, he is now a personal trainer that seems to be his own personal motivational speaker.  In a surprise he seems to be pretty mellow and down to earth until he is provoked by the annoying “chosen one” and his temper snaps.  Suddenly in 24 hours he’s become the guy that could go all “roid” violent.  I bet he doesn’t even realize he’s a foregone conclusion.

David Malinosky is a 22-year-old aspiring actor from Hagerstown, Maryland.  He isn’t sure he wants to be an actor, he just wants to be popular.  He’s the guy that jumped on the show for exposure and to get even more easy access to the ladies.  He’s got that all american boy look and seems to suffer from the stereotypical dumb jock syndrome.  So far all he seems to care about is partying and ladies.  Relatively harmless.  I doubt he has anything worth saying anyway.

Brianna Taylor is a 20-year-old singer from Warminster, Pennsylvania that also made it to the top 45 in one of the American Idol seasons.  So this girl out of the bunch actually seems to have a talent and drive and isn’t just there for the free room and board and vacation.  However, Brianna is unfortunately suffering from her own stereotypes.  In the first episode we discover she is an exotic dance.  She dresses like one and doesn’t seem ashamed of flaunting the fact when it suits her, though in contrast she says she can’t wait to get out of the business and hates it.  She also already is being called back to Philly for a court date because of a domestic assault issue.  So far things are not looking up for “the stripper”.

Will Gilbert is a 25-year-old music producer from Oak Park, Michigan which is right next door to Detroit itself.  Will is not at all a ghetto thuggish ruggish boy that some people would expect an African American from Detroit to represent.  He’s intellectual, extremely handsome and well groomed, seems to have a real talent, and is totally out for romance.  First he wanted Brianna until he discovered her occupation, and then he was already making moves on Sarah.  Will seems the most mellow of the bunch, and the most likely to avoid conflict. 

Sarah Ralston is a 21-year-old aspiring reporter who actually went to college to achieve this dream.  She is beautiful, book smart, and a complete manipulator.  She is ready to cheat on her boyfriend that has been with her for years within 12 hours of entering the house.  This girl tries to put on the appearance of dignified respectful suburian princess, but in reality she is a trampy slut just waiting to lay herself out across the Sunset Blvd.

Greg Halstead is a 20 year old model from Queens, New York, but the way he describes himself you’d think he was born of literal royalty.  He is arrogant, boring, and obviously thrown into the house so get under everyone’s skin.  After the first night everyone hates him.  He has no redeeming qualities and has the brain power of a knat.  He thinks he’s very clever and special but in reality he’s boring and common.  Here is our drama instigator.

So…….I don’t know if I can stomach more than one or two more episodes here, but I’m going to try and give it a fair shake with the hopes that the show becomes less about the drama and more about the people.  Well, that was naive of me. I guess realistically I hope that the drama is at least fun and interesting.  Season 20 officially has begun.


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