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Tag is Outlawed!

April 18, 2008

That’s right.  In a time where keeping score is no longer necessary and everyone makes the team in Little League, and to help harbor the “gentle” psych of children, political correctness has now expanded to recess.  Dodgeball has been eliminated from schools all over because it’s considered  too violent, but the reason behind Tag being banned from some Massachusetts schools is because some kids will feel left out?  Who are we kidding?  It’s no wonder kids these days are so reliant on their parents!  It’s no wonder it’s completely acceptable to move back home or stay there until the age of thirty.  It’s no shock grandparents and daycare’s are predominantly raising the children of today instead of the parents who are too busy focusing on their careers or still going to the bar every weekend because they still have the mentality of an adolescent.  The word of the decade is “coddle.”

This generation and some following after have lost the ability to think for themselves.  No one has a voice anymore, because there is nothing but grown up children walking around looking to their parents for direction, or what the politically correct news says they should think instead of doing it for themselves.  Why has this happened?  Because of banning games like tag.  Because of forgetting to keep score.  it sounds trite, but think about it.  In attempting to shelter kids and soften them instead of teaching them to be vigorous independent thinkers and preparing them for the real world, we are molding a sense of personality that requires them to be dependent and afraid.  This epidemic starts at a young age when the morals and ideals about life and instilled in children, and coddling at a young age does not prepare them for the adult world that is cutthroat.

It’s okay to protect our children.  It’s our nature, but this is nearly abuse in my opinion.  The adults of today need to grow up and stop relying on their parents for everything because they are modeling that same behavior to their children who in a world where “tag” is an unnacceptable game, they need to strong voice and strong image to show them how to be independant.  Yes, how to fight!  How to defend yourself.  How to perservere!  It says a lot more to say keeping a score is wrong, than trying to win the game.  Try to win.  A healthy competiveness is good.  You need that in school and college and life to succeed.

Here is the article I read from the Los Angelas Times that evoked this rant.  Life is getting more and more outrageous everyday.  Those that can’t or don’t think for themselves are afraid of those that do, and unfortunately are too lazy because they aren’t competitive enough to stand up and think for themselves.  When my kids are old enough the first movie I’m going to sit them down to watch is Dead Poets Society and show them what true inspiration and independence and creativity is about.  God, by then I may be one of those crazy hippies that’s homeschooling.  At least then, they’ll get to play normal children’s games.

In the words of Maynard Keenan James:

Think for yourself, question authority.

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