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The Best Shows On TV

April 17, 2008

What is everyone watching right now?  I know there are some great shows that I’ve missed, but there are some of the best shows in the history of television on right now.

House M.D.- Hugh Laurie as House, one of the most disdainful character’s ever on television, is one of the best performances on a television drama I’ve had the pleasure of watching.  The central character’s of the show are just fascinating, though mostly in their relation to House rather than their own lives.  It is probably one of the best written, most clever shows ever.  How they have pulled off Season 4 with the cast thrown in the air is a coup in itself.  You can turn this show on it’s head, get rid of most of the likable character’s, and you become left with the maniacal House, who somehow balances both charisma and mutual taste of dislike for the world in general.  After all, everyone lies.  Relationships are a waste.  On a sidebar, his relationship with Wilson is some of the best chemistry and between two contrasting character’s that somehow manage a relationship one another.  The only better I’ve seen is between Buffy and Spike from Buffy and GKar and Londo on B5.  I love this show.

The Office-What I find most bizarre and simultaneously compelling about this show is it’s ability to render me completely shocked, uncomfortable, and entertained all at once.  The show is so awkward and most of the character’s are so unforgivingly wrong it’s difficult to understand why I love watching it.  The dry sense of humour, yes, but I’m more inclined to believe it’s the trainwreck aspect.  I under no circumstance am willing to turn away.  And I don’t think I’m going to until it becomes Operation Game over for Micheal and the rest of the crew.

Scrubs-Yes, yes, yes, it’s coming to an end, but this show really had something so original and so different than any other show of it’s genre, and it still stands out.  It took two seasons of watching before I completely understood how plain and simply silly it actually is.  I will miss Kelso’s nonsensical one liners, Dr. Coxes rants, J.D.’s daydreams, Turks dancing, The Janitors dead pan glares, Ted’s sweating and high pitched voice, Jordan’s bitching, Elliot’s slap stick comedy, The Todds perversiveness, and even Carla’s voice of reason.  This was one of the best comedy’s of all time.  Though it’s ready, I’m sad to see it go.

Heroes- I feeling like I’ve been hung out to dry on this series, but it’s still one of the best shows on television right now, and though it’s been subject to the writers strike and won’t be picking up again till the fall, I will be loyally waiting to see where they go with the show for Season 3.  Season 2 was a series of ups and downs, but it really had some outstanding episodes of character and future plot development.  This is one of the most promising shows on tv.  I really hope it doesn’t get lost next year.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles-The Best New Show on Television!  I can’t begin to explain my excitement about the brief, though shockingly good first season.  What intrigued me most about TSCC was that it pretty much disregarded the third films attempt to destroy James Cameron’s original mythology behind the storyline.  That plot and storyline easily explained and shoved aside it built it’s character’s, it’s belief system, and it’s own mythology in accordance to James Cameron’s creative genius.  But they weren’t straight copycat’s either.  The show brought new and different conflicts of interest that have made the show it’s own separate entity from the films.  This is amazing stuff.  If Fox cancels it, it’s only further proof that they are morons when it’s comes to television programming.

Stargate Atlantis-It’s nearing Season Five and getting some of it’s best ratings to date.  This spin-off of SG-1 has really managed to encompass the rights and back round from it’s creative forefather, but has emerged as a very different show, with a very different feel and quality from it.  Atlantis has a real focus and drive on the story  being told and utilizes the character’s to tell it instead of the other way around.  This has left some of the character’s less than developed but has made for an extremely entertaining show.  Rodney McKay is possibly one of the most annoying and likable character’s ever.  He is right up there with George Costanza and I adore him.  It’s a really great show that has developed and morphed over the years into a very solid and fun show to watch. I recommend this show to everyone.

Dexter- See I do like shows that aren’t on NBC!  This show is based on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter and the first season follows the novella very closely.  The character’s of the show are gripping, and some nearly insane, which is fair considering our main character is a serial killer.  Season 2 had so many twists and conflicts of character’s that really changed the stories feel, and has left me in complete shock wondering where season 3 is going to go.  The possibilities are endless.  At first I found Rita to be one of my least favorite character’s and now she is one of my favorite on the show.  Great writing and great cast.

South Park-As long is there are politics to discuss and celebrities making asses of themselves South Park will never grow old or dull.  This is a timeless show.


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  1. Stinger permalink
    April 19, 2008 6:54 pm

    Outside of The Office (which I’ve just never gotten around to watching), The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dexter (never even heard of it), I agree with the rest of the list. House being the most awesome of the bunch. Scrubs is top notch as well.

  2. June 16, 2008 2:51 am

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