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Kwame Devours Detroit

April 15, 2008

I was browsing a friends webpage today and came across an article he wrote on Kwame Kilpatrick, the mayor of our lovely city Detroit.  For many years Detroit has focused on rebirthing the city, and building from the self-destruction it’s suffered over the last many years.  Since Kwame has become an elected official the upward direction the city had taken on has turned it into a joke, and unfortunately, though reasonably, fed to the already negative aversion with the city of Detroit.  With a man playing “gangsta” and “high roller” as it’s leader, how is the rest of the unknowing world supposed to react?  His reign of terror and destruction will soon come to an end, but unfortunately the citizens of Detroit are going to be left to pick up the pieces and suffer many more years of the stereotypes Kwame enforced. 

Hopefully someday the rest of the country will get to see the city I see.  The heart and soul of it.  The real grit of a working class infrastructure that lives and breathes.  You might be right when you talk down about the city of Detroit, but no real Detroiter is ever going to sit back and take it lightly.  For now, I’m going to sit back and wait for the atrocity that is Kwame to be removed and hope against hope we have someone who cares about the city take his pompous place.

Take a look at Kwame’s many accomplishment over his time spent as Detroit Mayor here.

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  1. The Broken Forum permalink
    April 15, 2008 7:09 pm

    How did that guy get elected Mayor…? Wow. I live in Jax, Florida and interestingly enough there was an article on another blog that compared our city to yours (murder-wise):

  2. April 16, 2008 3:01 pm

    How he originally got elected is one thing, but how did he get RE-ELECTED is the question most of us ask ourselves.

    After reading that article I really hope your city manages to get things back in order before they do turn worse. But that is the stigma that I was referring to, when a city is considered bad and they compare it to Detroit. In the last many years we are once again one of the most obese cities in the U.S. and have gained the title Most Dangerous City back. I think we are at least down to #3 on Murders at this point, perhaps it’s back up, but nonetheless. I believe it was 6-8 years ago the population of Detroit was up to 1,200,000, and now it’s somewhere in the low 800,000’s. People are flocking to the burbs and away from the city. 400,000 people. If that doesn’t say anything, I don’t know what would.

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