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Great TV Theme Music

April 14, 2008

Some shows have really utilized the right qualities to create it’s theme music.  All the right elements are there to evoke the feel you want the entire show to have and one that will be appropirate for each episode.  Some shows have done a perfect job of this over the years and some have failed miserably.  Here are some of the winners.

Stargate Atlantis-This is possibly my favorite of all time.  It beautiful but at the same time feels so overwhelming and powerful it really captures the scale of the entire show, not to mention really emotes the feel of adventure in a place unknown and it’s excitement.

Married With Children-It’s catchy and it’s hilarious.  It doesn’t take itself seriously just like the show.  How brilliant to have one of the most reveled class acts ever Frank Sinatra as the singer of their theme, when the show is about a family that is as trashy as they come.  That is the brilliance of the shows humour and self mockery.  One of the best pieces of music and lyrics for a show intro ever.

Beverly Hillbillies-I was never an avid watched of The Beverly Hillbillies, but everytime my mom watched it I would be captivated for just a moment and watch the beginning five minutes until I grew bored, but that thmee music always got me.  Catchy, catchy.

Cops-Still one of the greatest theme songs ever.  For one of the longest running television shows in history this song playing puts the feeling of the shows serious subject matter, but also mixes the hysterical funny about some of the worlds law violaters as well.  Inner Circle rocked it.  Great music.

Bewitched-It was light and fun and had a magical feel to it just like the show.  It really captured the feel of Samantha.

The Golden Girls-Everyone knows the words to this song because it’s great, pure and simple.

The Jeffersons-I’m still not 100% sure what the lyrics even say but this upbeat positive intro gets you excited for the show and deems you ready to be delivered some serious comedy.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-The great thing about this theme music is it is just as silly as the show was, but it had a level of talent that made it memorable and special.  Hilarious lyrics and fun beat.

The Adams Family-Snap your fingers, stare blandly, and prepare for a dry sense of humour.  Brillant stuff.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Nerf Herder really hit this one of the head.  Buffy has a lot of substance to it, but the show itself is very action oriented and the fast paced music really catches that, but if you’ve listened to the intro a few hundred times like myself you would have caught the lower tones playing in the back round that really emote of feeling of darkness and loneliness, which is really the shows main theme.  Brilliant theme music that really captures the essence of the show.

Cheers-It gives off the same mellow feel the show does.  By the time this song ends you are more than ready to have a drink and enjoy a good banter between Cliff and Norm.

The Practice-It’s fast, intense, and complicated, just the like the show.  Excellent music that really gets to the gut feeling of the show and is pleasant sounding as well.

Friends-It maddens me each time I hear it, but I concur it’s validity to the show and the excellence it had in relation to it, just neither were my cup of tea.

Farscape-I’ve only heard it a few times, but it’s really gripping.  It’s strangeness sets it apart from a mainstream feel, but it still has that epic Sci-Fi feel to it.  Really different, and I really enjoy it.

Gilligans Island-What a great song.  It engages the story, gives a feel of fun, and prepares you for an adventure of Gilligans inevitable blunderings.


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  1. April 14, 2008 5:18 pm

    The practice one is wonderful. Great beat and tempo! Another good one is “Law and Order.”


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