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Farscape-Episode 2 (Exodus From Genesis)

April 14, 2008

I’m starting to feel the fun.  Things are definitely falling more into place now.  The character’s are finally starting to feel more natural around each other, and I’m getting used to the outrageous alien gear and creatures, though each new one is a shocker nonetheless.  These things in a Sci-Fi-verse are easier to stomach than otherwise.  On to Exodus!

Show Synopsis

After hiding from Peace Keepers in some strange atmospheric glow, Moya is boarded by large insectesque creatures.  They have infested the ship, taken blood samples of it’s crew, and is increasinngly raising the level of heat on the ship.  Here a weakness among the Peace Keepers is revealed as Aeryn begins to suffer “heat delirium”, a potentially leathal illness that drives it’s victims into a vegetable state, while the brain is still mentally coherant.  While trying to aid Aeryn the crew discovers another problem.  The creatures are somehow making replica’s of the crew and now with the heat even more unbearable, the scout troup of Peace Keepers they barely avoided earlier has landed on the ship and is ready to shoot to kill.

My Reflections

The shows do continue to get better as they come.  They rely on plotline, dialouge, and creativity rather than action and CGI fun, which makes it more of a character story than Sci-Fi action like Battlestar Galactica. (which I adore).  Some of the character’s have already made huge turns and changes, yet it doesn’t seemed forced or unnatural.  Their universe is infinite in it’s mystery, and as a viewer I really feel I’m along for the journey with John Critchon, learning as we go. 

This was a really good episode as far as original thinking and creativity went.  Some predictable elements were involved, but in general it was very good.

The Point

I still deem this one of the more unusual shows I’ve ever seen, and each episode it continues to further my first notion that it is completely bizarre.  But so far, that’s a compliment.

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  1. Stinger permalink
    April 16, 2008 2:42 am

    I started watching Farscape about a year or so ago, having been intrigued by it starring Browder and Black. I still haven’t seen past the second half of season two, but I enjoyed all of season one (save for a couple of episodes) and all of what I’ve seen from season two. I wish the DVD’s didn’t cost so much.

    Although the show did take some time for me to get into, as I’ve never been much of a fan of that type of Sci-Fi (outside of Star Wars) and the mind-trip that was the pilot episode.

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