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Farscape-Episode One

April 11, 2008

After viewing the first episode I’m starting to get a feel for this show, and now I can say, that Yes, it does take itself seriously though has enough sense of humour to mock it’s more silly moments.  Another excellent Science Fiction show I watch engages in the same foolery and that’s Stargate.

Show Synopsis

The Leviathon has a tracking device from the Peace Keepers that the crew is attempting to disable.  They bunker down on a planet that’s saturated atmosphere dulls the signal they are sending out, which gives them time to remove the device as well as get necessary supplies to leave the lake the ship is sinking in.  The planet turns out to be very much like Earth and have inhabitants much like humans.  This is troubling for Crichton and makes him even more homesick.  The planet’s inhabitants get wind of their arrival and are hunting them down.  The crew must get their supplies and return to the ship before it sinks and they are stuck on a planet that would kill and experiment on them all.

My Reflections

MUCH better than the pilot episode.  It’s also moving in a much clearer direction with the relationships developing, character’s unfolding more, and antagonists and protagonists becoming more apparent.  The Alien costumes still are a bit much, but if the show continues to grow, it will be as easy to dismiss as Londo and the other Centauri’s hair from Babylon 5. 

I found this episode to be much more entertaining and worthy of a purchase of Episode Two.  I was actually laughing out loud to the Dagobah and Yoda reference.  Our pop culture and idea’s about the universe having virtually no place in the “real” galaxy Farscape exists in was a nice spin.

The Point

I will be watching more.  I’ve been informed by a few sources that it doesn’t really take off until 6-8 episdoes in.  Hopefully I will continue to deem it worthy of more watches.

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  1. April 11, 2008 6:46 pm

    Farscape is an excellent show in my opinion. Seasons 2 and 3 especially but I think you’ll enjoy it throughout. I miss it and wish it could have stayed on a little longer but I’m glad they were able to wrap it up nicely.

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