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Spring Roll Of Movie Trailers

April 10, 2008

88 Minutes with Al Pacino.  Until I saw the trailor I didn’t get excited about this movie, but it looks AWESOME.  It’s a suspense thriller about a serial killer who is trying to set up Al Pacino’s character, a forensic psychologist that managed to persuade a jury of his guilt with almost only cirumstantial evidence.  There is now a copycat killer at large on the Eve of the killer’s scheduled execution and Pacino has recieved a death threat saying he will die in 88 minutes.  Go to Youtube or check your Applebox for trailors.  It looks INTENSE. 

The Forbidden Kingdom.  To be honest all I needed to hear was: Jet Li and Jackie Chan and I was committed, but after seeing the trailor, the premise is a little nonsensitcal (but it’s a kung fu movie, c’mon), but the visuals looking breathtaking, and the martial arts appear to be some of the most amazing and entertaining for some time.  That coupled with Jackie Chan’s brilliant comic timing and my adoration of Jet Li, and I AM THERE.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall– I admit to not only rolling my eyes at the quirky concept, but shunning it simply because it’s already been deemed as funny because of it’s makers.  Looks like I’ll be eating crow.  I saw the trailor and it looks hilarious.  Just enough slapstick comedy mixed with raunchy humour, and just downright sillyness.  Looks like one of the funniest movies since Grandma’s Boy.  I have to see this one.  Google it for a full synopsis and then hit the trailor, it come out next Friday.

The Life Before Her Eyes–  Being a huge Uma Thurman fan, I’m pretty much sold on checking this out anyway, but the trailor was really intriguing.  It wasn’t completely tell-tale but showed enough to remain mysterious.  It looks more in the brand of a film mostly women will appreciate, but my interest is seriously perked.

Get Smart– No explanation needed.  Check the trailor.  Go to the theatre. The End.

Miss Petigrew Lives For A Day– Starring Frances McDormand and the insatiable Amy Adams.  Until I caught the trailor, I heard and knew nothing of this film, but this one I may make to the theatre to see.  It looks simply delightful.  Frances McDormand is a nanny that is not very good at her job, nor is she much to look at.  She manages to keep hired by Amy Adams who wants her services for an entirely different reason: to help her manage all the men she is stringing along.  It looks hilarious, cute, and smart.  I can’t wait to see it!

Prom Night-I’m not an avid fan of the horror genre though have found many compelling movies in that category.   I’m even less fond of remakes of horror flicks.  They essentially never bring anything new to the table, but in this case the trailor for Prom Night, that comes out on the 11th actually shows promise.  It looks like the fun kind of scary that you want in those kind of movies.  It will be a wait for DVD for me, but it surprised me with it’s likability.

The Son Of Rambow-I am absolutely DYING to see this movie.  I saw the trailor a month back and cannot wait.  I won’t elaborate.  Just go to YouTube and check it out.  Brilliant I tell you.

Step Brothers-The Reunion of Talladega nights, except it looks funnier.  Will Ferell is playing the same awkward goofy guy as he usually does,  but what can I say? He and John C. Reilly have excellent chemistry and this just looks too silly to ignore.



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  1. Jenna permalink
    April 10, 2008 6:47 pm

    I just checked out the trailor for Son Of Rambow. It looks hilarious and like a great story. I Love british comedy. It’s so twisted.

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