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Laguna Beach-Season Three

April 9, 2008

Why can I not not turn away from the delicious evil that is Laguna Beach?  Season 1 & 2 I secretly watched the episodes over and over without sharing with my husband or friends the atrocity I was committing.  Eventually, I admitted my crimes to a select few and repented vigorously afterwards with promises not to watch Season 3 or The Hills.  While I steered clear of The Hills my urges and DVR left me helpless against the desire to watch Season 3, an even worse trainwreck.   Luckily, I agreed to shut down the cable, the fantastic distraction from life it was and went over two years without.  I continue today, but I-tunes and Applebox let me indulge my every devilry.  Let me give the show a synopsis, and I will explain further.

Show Synopsis

Rich kids in Laguna Beach date each other and cheat on each and throw fantastic parties with pretty clothes.  They all fight and make up and fight and date each other more.  The End.

My Reflections

There is nothing to say.  The show is terrible!  Mind numbing, but for whatever reason I take some sick, demented, sadistic pleasure in watching these ignorant teenagers who know nothing about life completely exploit themselves on national television.  They are all rich, gorgeous, and privledged.  Yet, each suffer the personality defect of being mentally compatable with an Ant.  If sheep were ever reflected in the human race they would all have flocked to Laguna Beach.  It is the best and worst reality tv ever.  So I bought a few episodes of Season 3 this afternoon to avoid wallowing in my own depths of despair and therefore enjoy other’s who really have nothing to despair about other than superficial obnoxious topics that are easy to loose yourself in.

The Point

I know I’m not alone here.  If someone like my own cynical, soap box standing self have fallen prey to the addiction of this show, then no doubt others have suffered the same.  So who is it?  And where are you?  Perhaps we should create a support group. 

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  1. mikeeatsdetroit permalink
    April 10, 2008 2:46 am

    Love the synopsis I find myself DVRing every episode of the Hills and hate myself for it. I justify it to myself by saying the fact that LC is starting a career appeals to me because i’m doing the same but I don’t thats it.

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