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FarScape-Premiere Episode

April 9, 2008

Holy Wow Batman.  This show is like an Acid Trip via Inter-galatic exploring.  It’s Galaxy Quest on crack.  I’ve heard rumours of this show since Ben Browder joined SG-1 with Claudia Black.  In a nutshell it’s extremely eccentric.  This show is out of this world, literally and otherwise.

Show Synopsis

Ben Browder’s character, John Critchon creates a spaceship that accidentally sucks him through a wormhole into another galaxy.  He finds himself in the middle of a battle and is taken aboard a ship of people on the run from the mysterious “Peace Keepers”.  They have escaped their prison and are attemping to allude them in the galaxy, except this group of “people” are not people.  They are insane looking aliens that are literally so distracting to look at it’s difficult to listen to the campy dialouge.  From the premiere episode John Critchon has managed to kill the “Peace Keepers” leaders brother making an enemy of the greatest proportion while also enlisting a former member of the Peace Keepers infantry played by Claudia Black.  She has not joined the refugee’s officially, but it now an outcast from her own people.  The aliens have allowed each of them to stay on board, but so far it’s obvious they are all at odds with one another.

My Reflections

This show is outrageous.  I’m not sure yet whether it’s intentionally mocking other science fiction shows or is in fact taking itself seriously.  I’m not sure it could take itself seriously with the Alien costumes and shameless character’s.  Either way, I was hysterical watching it. I’ve known very little of this show other than it has a very strong cult gathering, specifically in the UK.  I can’t say it shows promise, but it warrents a viewing of the first episode to see if I can get a better feel of what it is about.

The Point

This is the most random and bizarre thing I’ve viewed in a long time.  Being an avid viewer of things in the Science Fiction genre I feel I owe the show at least one or two more viewings before I make a real decision about how I feel about it.  For now, I am intrigued, confused, and mildly entertained, but also excited for more.  I’ll give it a few more go’s and see what’s what.

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  1. April 10, 2008 9:19 pm

    Please give the show more than a couple episodes because it doesn’t really get to the point of where it is going until the middle of the season (A Human Reaction or DNA Mad Scientist). To answer your question about whether it takes itself seriously, well, the show has some serious themes taken lightly and has a very Aussie toughness and weird dark humor to it. The show is almost entirely character-driven so watch and remember things. Everything is from John Crichton’s point of view so you are learning with him. That is why you are confused but excited.

    So, hold out until episode 8 or 9 and then say whether you like it or not. I bet you can’t stop watching after that.

  2. April 11, 2008 12:01 am

    Thanks! I actually watched Ep-1 today and plan to have my review in the morning. Despite myself I enjoyed it a lot more than the pilot, but it had a real episode rather than just setting up character’s and it’s universe. I won’t say too much other than I enjoyed it. I first was intrigued by the show when I learned that both Ben Browder and Claudia Black were on it. I enjoyed each of them on SG-1.

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