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Californication-Episode One

April 7, 2008

A friend offered me the first episdoe of Californication and insisted that after one episode I would be hooked and begging for more.  So this is what it is about.  Was Jeff right or wrong about his presumption?

Show Synopsis

Showtime brings us another winner with “Californication”, David Duchovney’s newest television series.  It’s an adult sitcom about Hank Moody who is a novelist rebounding from a terrible film adapatation of one of his successful novels and a divorce.  His way of dealing with his depression is drinking and sleeping with as many gorgeous women as possible.  In the meantime, he’s trying to help raise his adolescent daughter and deal with the fact that he still has feelings for his ex-wife Karen.

My Reflections

The first episode contained a lot of shock and awe, boobs flying everywhere (MEN MUST LOVE THIS SHOW), and some really witty banter between Hank and Karen.  From the first episode I can’t say how much substance the show will contain in the future, but it ure has promise in the entertaining category.  How so much sex and such great dialouge was shoved into such a short span of time is amazing. 

It’s great to see David Duchovney in a role that he falls so easily into.  He was likable on the X-Files, but he really is showing his knack for charismatic sex symbol here.  Sure the men get lots of naked beautiful women, but us ladies get to see Mr. Duchovney at his utmost sexy.  His tortured soul and witty shell makes him a complicated and intriguing character.

The Point

So, yes, Jeffrey was correct.  I’m dying to see what else this show has to offer.  The twist at the end certainly left me salivating with curiosity.  For adult humour check out Californication.  I can’t speak for the show entirely but the first episode is a gripper.

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