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Tim Burton

April 1, 2008

For years Tim Burton has been making movies the way he wants to make them.  Looking at his early career he was considered a really strange man who made really strange movies that the masses didn’t completely understand, and now he is considered a really strange man that the masses really respect and appreciate…..well they at least acknowledge him as more than just a wonky eccentric man.

Visually his films have such a unique quality about them, a darkness yes, but a feel and way of shooting that sets them entirely apart from anything else, and as his success has grown he has not changed the formatting in which he makes his films nor shoots them.  Though he continues to grow and a director and make movies that are more outside of his comfort zone.

Simply said, he is one of my favorite directors, and after viewing Sweeney Todd I’ve developed even a greater sense of appreciation for what he brings to the bumbling world of cinema where everything is the same and boring.  Tim Burton will always be reliable in the sense that he won’t be predicatable…..and even if you aren’t a fan of his work…..visually his films are so engaging.

The way he contrasts darkness into everyday life, with an unfortunate cloud looming over even the brightest of days.  I’d like to live in the mind of Tim Burton for just a day.

There is a review of Sweeney Todd on  Check it out.

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