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He Is Legend

April 1, 2008

Current mood: inspired

I love Will Smith. That’s right, I said it. I love Will Smith. For the sheer shit of it, I will get behind just about anything Will Smith does. By simple fact of the mans resume. Here are some of my favorites because it’s possible some of you crazies have forgotten. As far as music goes: Parents just don’t understand, Summertime, MenInBlack, Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble,wild wild west, Nightmare on my Street, and it’s true we all loved Getting Jiggy wit it until it got over played. My “Grunge” era all took love of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, no one was too hard not to do the Carlton. And his movie resume is phenomenal. I first took notice of him in Six Degrees of Separation which I believe was his first role to give him a legitness. But the movie that IMO made him a star was Bad Boys. We saw he wasn’t just the silly guy on FPOBA and that he had superactionstar quality. Not to mention the fact that he was FINE. His next two films came out on 4th of July Weekends: Independence Day and MIB. Both enormous blockbuster hits, not to mention great action/sci fi flicks. Next was one of my favorite Will Smith movies that often goes unmentioned: Enemy Of the State where Gene Hackman tries to take him down. Superior acting skills with a brilliant cast and excellent script. He had an oopsie and made WildWildWest, but recovered with an Acadamy Award Nomination for Ali. Next he followed with MIB II, which was not as good as it’s predecessor but still a fun and solid movie. And in the mood for sequels he reteamed up with Micheal Bay, and Martin Lawerence for Bad Boys II and it was fun action flick. The Next one I saw was I, Robot, and though it got mixed reviews I really enjoyed it and as usual Will Smith made a great entertaining movie, following it with a romantic comedy, something he hadn’t really done before with Hitch. And to my complete shock (I am NO fan of the chick flick/romantic comedy genre, though I do have my few I adore) it was a pretty decent movie. I haven’t seen Pursuit of Happyness because the promos almost make me cry and I just can’t right now, but here I’ve been waiting in great anticipation to see I Am Legend for the past month. It’s here. It’s out. Me and the hubby are in need of a date night, and that movie has my name written all over it.

In any case, my point is: I love Will Smith. Maybe he doesn’t do artsy fartsy flicks. Perhaps he is a blockbuster hit whore. But I will get behind that any day, because he makes movies I like. He makes music that makes me smile. And he did a show that no matter how corny (remember the speed episode where Carlton overdosed???) it got still makes me laugh hard enough to pee myself. And here he is in his early forties, still handsome, still charismatic as ever, still making stuff I would claw peoples eyes out to see. Besides all that, he seems to be a truely and genuinely nice guy. He and Tom Hanks should in general be mentioned in sentences together when referred to that. It’s not that I dispise guys like Eminem who have to cuss to sell records, I adore him, it’s just that I appreciate the good guy who doesn’t worship aliens and jump on Oprahs couch about showing her the money or his girlfriend.

I’m just glad that we have action flick guys out there like Will Smith, making movies, music, having a family and actually being a decent role model to other celebrities, while still entertaining us.

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!

Currently listening :
Will Smith – Greatest Hits
By Will Smith
Release date: 26 November, 2002

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